Why should E-commerce Businesses opt for Outsourced Customer Service?

In this 21st century, e-commerce companies have outclassed the brick-and-mortar businesses in terms of a total number of sales and repeat customers. It is pretty obvious that when your e-commerce business starts witnessing an exponential growth of success, it means you are on the right track.

But to keep the ball of success rolling, you must provide phenomenal customer service. This is so because the competition is getting spicier with every passing day and a small mistake even can set you back. That’s why most of the e-commerce companies approach renowned BPO firms to render phenomenal customer service.

It is clear like a crystal that the backbone of e-commerce businesses is the millennial customers who don’t think twice before switching to other company. This aspect tells that how much it is important to offer a quality customer service.

Do you want to know why e-commerce businesses contact BPO firms to render supreme customer service? Have a look at the following pointers:

Reduced TAT

Being an owner of e-commerce business, you should already aware of that whenever a customer calls to get the desired help, the average TAT (Turn Around Time) is 24 hours for the resolution of the issue. This aspect may affect the CSAT score.

That’s why most of the business owners opt for outsourced customer service. This is so because BPO firms reduce the TAT (Turn Around Time) to 4 hours. Reduced TAT always makes customers happier, which, in turn, leads to high retention rate and better productivity.

Day and night availability

Well, you shouldn’t be surprised by knowing that customers, especially millennial ones are usually active all the day and night. This factor tells that customers can make a purchase of the desired products at any time of the day.

Therefore, it is imperative for you to be available around-the-clock because customers can contact you if they have any product-related questions or face any challenge while placing an order.

Most of the e-commerce business owners join hands with BPO firms to offer unparalleled 24/7 customer service to customers. So, if you want to handle late night customer queries up to the perfection to bolster the brand’s image, outsourced customer service is the best option for you.

Better email segregation

Well, it is absolutely correct that customers mostly prefer to make a call to avail the desired services. But it doesn’t mean that voice channel is the only medium that customers can use to get in touch with you.

After the telephone channel, most of the e-commerce customers deem the email channel as the best means of communication. But some e-commerce companies that run in-house call center to cater to customer’s needs, usually get confused as they don’t understand which email is important and which isn’t.

Here the significance of email segregation almost gets doubled because it helps in solving critical issues in a swift manner. However, segregating numerous emails on the regular basis could give a jarring experience.

To cut all the hassle, most of the e-commerce business owners go for outsourced customer service. Apart from that, e-commerce companies usually avail phenomenal order-taking and data verification services from the BPO firms for the better business’s growth.

No more hassle of high call volumes issues

There is no secret in that e-commerce businesses launch several promotional offers during the festive seasons to attract more online shoppers. This strategy to amplify the profit levels usually doubles the call volume. Because of incapability to handle high call volumes, companies that hire an in-house customer service team, deal with the negative reviews and financial loss.

On the contrary, BPO firms are capable more than enough to handle sudden rise or drop in the call volumes. Therefore, it is always suggested to avail outsourced customer service so that nothing can put the brakes on the momentum of ongoing success.

Decreased cart abandonment rate

From the e-commerce business’s point of view, nothing is more annoying than to see a high rate of cart abandonment rate. The main reason behind the high rate of cart abandonment is that whenever online shoppers don’t get the reliable answers of the asked product-related questions, they are more likely to drop the idea to place an order.

This aspect not only leads to loss of business but also invites negative reviews that can ruin the brand’s image within a short period of time.

Therefore, it is always recommended to approach BPO firms as they know how to solve customer’s queries in a jiffy.

Final few words:

Well, there are several benefits that e-commerce companies can gain after choosing a reputed BPO firm that can really improve the customer service quality scores and decrease the rate of complaints. After going through the aforementioned points, one factor is crystal clear that all e-commerce business owners should always try to keep their customers happy.

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