Why pregnant women should stay away from marijuana

pregnant women should stay away from marijuana

substance is causing the problem.

This is the most illicit drug to be used in pregnancy and according to many studies and researches there are at least 2 to 5 percent of pregnant women who uses marijuana in this tenure. But the ratio may go up depending on the age group of pregnant women. Like in case of urban, young women the reports go as high as 28 percent.

Here the major effects that can happen if one intakes marijuana when they are pregnant.

  • premature birth
  • low birth weight
  • small length
  • small head circumference
  • still birth

The effects of marijuana after the baby is born are:

  • When taken during pregnancy, marijuana can affect the brain development of the baby inside.
  • Also these babies do not show some serious signs of withdrawal but researches are still going on this.
  • They can face some long term developmental differences if the mothers have smoked weed when they were pregnant. They can have some trouble in having a strong memory as well.
  • These babies can also face problem regarding controlling impulses, keeping attention and concentrating on things like studies.

One may think that vaping instead of smoking can lead the marihuana smokers to quit the habit but this is not a healthy idea as well because vape pens mainly use water vapours instead of smoke.

There are many pregnant women who think that eating marijuana does not harm their babies and so they keep continuing it and later face the risk of it.

But use of marijuana is not restricted to recreation only. It has some medicinal purposes as well. There are many states which have legalised marijuana only for its medical purposes. The major one is that it can relieve nausea. But again, medical marijuana is also difficult to regulate when one is pregnant. This is because there are not standard dosages and formulations in this case. And by knowing the potential risks of marijuana pregnancy and breastfeeding even doctors do not prescribe them even on medical purposes.

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