Where and how you can get the rewarding Chartered Accountant Job

Chartered Accountant Job

There are a large number of job opportunities available in the job market to choose from. But everyone likes to grab that opportunity that has growth and a good deal of money to provide you with. If you are the same person and still on the initial stage of choosing the rewarding career, then the career in Chartered Accountancy is something you can rely on. The demand for chartered accountants has been growing rapidly. And due to the escalating demand, more people are looking forward to getting into this job profile. This career option not only provides candidates with the highest pay but also with the respect in India. It is another reason for the growing demand for this particular career option.

One of the best things about this career option is that it is in high demand in the core sectors as well as the new age sectors. When you do not have any idea of the type of sectors, you can go through the following listing.

Chartered Accountant Job
Chartered Accountant Job

List of core sectors and new age sectors which offer employment to the Chartered Accountants

  • Banking
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Information Technology
  • Telecom
  • Risk And Assurance services
  • Infrastructure
  • Retail

After getting to know about the sector, it is important to have the knowledge of organizations which recruit the potential candidates to work for them. When it comes to the employers who recruit CAs, there are several high-profile recruiters available. And those recruiters include Tata Consultancy Services, Federal Bank, ITC, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance, Larsen & Toubro, Bharat petroleum, Engineers India, Bharat Petroleum Corporation, GAIL, and several others.

Most CAs works hard to get the high earning potential jobs. If you are one of these aspiring Chartered Accountants, then you should know that these jobs are available in banks, auditing firms, finance companies, PSU’s, mutual funds, portfolio management, stock broking firms, legal firms etc. Apart from all these, financial inclusion has also become the next high potential job-generating sector for the CA aspirants.

In the chartered accountant job, a person needs to involve in the auditing financial reporting, creating and maintaining accounting systems, corporate finance, tax management, and many others. And this involvement opens up a few other career options for the aspirants like you.

Here are some options that you can consider to pursue..

  • Corporate sector
  • Investment banking
  • Audit and Taxation
  • Finance Advisory
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Outsourcing
  • Academics

How to find the opportunities for Chartered Accountant Jobs?

When you are aware of several aspects including which type of chartered Accountant jobs you can get and where, it is the time to make efforts for landing a good job in a leading organization. Well, this need can be fulfilled by counting on some reliable sources and using the right strategy. Here, you will come to know how to search for the good jobs.

  • Ask your family and friends

If you need to get the CA job for self-reliance or for any other reason, then it will be a smart choice to take the help of your friends and family members for an employment recommendation. They would like to help you in reaching the best-suited job. And the best part is that you will be ensured that there is nothing wrong when someone you know helps in your job search.

  • Keep your social media presence maintained

In this modern world, almost everyone maintains their presence on the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. It can help find the excellent opportunities as many employers use social media platforms to find potential candidates. Apart from this, you can even post your job searching activities and casually mention any help would be appreciated. Some sites like Twitter have job search engine for their users to search jobs in the local area.

  • Count on online job portals

When you want to get the best results as soon as possible, rely on the most convenient and organized source for landing a job. And that source is known as Monster India. It is a great platform to connect job seekers to the potential employers. When talking about the benefits of this job searching way, it is cost-effective, maintains confidentiality and authenticity. Moreover, it allows users to apply for the multiple vacancies at a time and send job alerts to the candidates. The icing on the cake is that you can narrow down your search to the industry, function, location, and salary preference.

So, what are you waiting for, begin your search for the Chartered Accountant Jobs today!

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