Where a Company lacks in Hiring the Right Candidate

Hiring the Right Candidate

In the world of technology, it makes no sense to sell your products and services offline. Come up with new ideas and concepts through which you will be able to connect to the new customers and ensure that best of the people are hired to achieve the success. Talking about the technical world, as compared to any other job profile, the demand for the developers is quite high. Certainly, they are the one who with their new ideas, concepts and solution offer the business with a better platform to earn more customers irrespective of the location and thus generate extra income. No doubt what they are quite a lot in demand. But when looking forward to hire such people, make sure you take extra efforts since their job profile is quite different from that of other people.

Know the expertise solution developers offer:

Developers are the one who hold a good knowledge of frameworks and languages such as NodeJS, PostgreSQL, UnderscoreJS, Javascript, Python, jQuery, Django, MeteorJS, MySQL, AngularJS to name a few. Such developers hold a good experience of working on different technological platform and thus ensure that best possible solution is given to the people at the best possible pricing that a company can enjoy and clients can afford.

Reason why company don’t find efficient developer:

The problem is nowadays people in their 20s itself have started with their business. Because of which, it literally becomes quite challenging for them to wonder whether to hire the person at their 30s can be a good solution or not. But the fact is two things are important, look for the HTML stimulator or a developer with good experience irrespective of the age rather the one in their 30s and 40s are preferable. And the second option is don’t hire the Google Engineers otherwise you will not be able to come up with new concept that may prove to be challenging for Google.

Assessment Question:

There are so many interviewers that end up being puzzle on the trivia questions with regards to the programming which they intend to ask. More than asking about the programming questions, you need to understand if the person can use the logical solution which is important. Simple questions but the tricky ones like whether a candidate can actually calculate the golf balls that fits in the plane without any bearing is something that would give you a clear idea about the fact on whether the person can actually do the job or not.

Pay is still the problem:

Although the market is loaded with the potential candidates but you can’t expect them to compromise with their current pay. There are so many founders that actually invest in the equity value. However, you can’t just expect the same attitude from the employees rather you need to understand that compensating for a lower salary is something no one would do. Instead you need to look for the developers who are ready to work on freelance basis for part time job.

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