Vijaya Boggala Points out the Top Five Things to Do in Greensboro, NC

Things to Do in Greensboro

Greensboro is a beautiful city located in the state of North Carolina.  This city is an integral part of the national history of the United States. At one point this town used to be the contact point of various British and Revolutionary armies in the 18th century, during the American push for independence. Vijaya Boggala underlines that the outer districts of this city are still marked with monuments dedicated to the fallen. Vijaya is a North Carolina local and hence is well versed with the heritage of this state.  He says that apart from being a hub for national pride, Greensboro is also a place that people should definitely visit for its great urban parks, quirky art galleries, as well as interesting museums.

Much like the capitol of the US, Greensboro is also steeped in historical landmarks Vijaya Boggala however also underlines that there are several other types of places to visit here as well. Here are few of the things people should definitely try to do in Greensboro, NC:

  • Visit the Greensboro Natural Science Center: This grand landmark is set over four separate sections. It is one of the most favorite hubs for both locals and tourist alike, and is especially renowned for its child-friendly and interactive exhibits. The Greensboro Natural Science Center comprises of an interesting reptile and rattlesnake exhibit, a zoo, a museum, and many more wonders. People can also watch three-dimensional films that highlight the mysteries of dinosaurs to black holes.
  • Explore the Elsewhere living art museum: This basically is a beautiful amalgamation of a workshop, a quirky art gallery, as well as educational facility. It provides a fine example of the new national artistic wave. At the Elsewhere living art museum people can find eclectic range of shows and exhibitions around the year.  The key aim of this establishment is to make the visitors thing about reclaimed and recycled materials in an innovative and new fashion.
  • Check out the Tate Street Coffee House: This trendy coffee house is located near to the university buildings of Greensboro. The Tate Street Coffee House boasts of having a great variety of brews, as well as homemade cakes and vegan sandwiches. This cafe is especially popular among the students and the youth.
  • Stroll through the Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden: To acquire some peace and tranquility people can surely visit the Tanger Family Bicentennial. This beautiful landmark features manicured flowerbeds, grassy lawns, shady gazebo and mesmerizing streams. It is known to be an ideal spot for local weddings and other such events.  This park is quite important to national history as well. It was inaugurated in 1976 to mark the 200th anniversary for the foundation of the US.
  •  Taste the gourmet taco at Crafted: Located at the heart of the Elm Street of Greensboro, this is a famous hotspot for Mexican cuisine.  The dishes served here are specially known for their organic and tasty ingredients.

Vijaya Boggala says thatlike thecapitol of US and other prominent cities, Greensboro is one of the best cities to visit and explore in the country.

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