Varieties of Cake That You Would Love To Try

Varieties of Cake

We tend to categories almost all fluffy, creamy deserts mostly the ones with bread-base as cakes. And if we are asked to differentiate these cakes amongst their various types we all get fuzzy even though being big fans of these sweet delicious baked dishes.

Here are some categories of cakes and their specialties defined to make you understand the types and differences among basic layer or butter cakes to special pancakes like Dora cake. Especially if you have a sweet-toothed this is a tour to your favourites.

  1. Shortened Cakes

Shortened cakes are those who have high amount of fat or butter. They get this name for the same reason as high amount of fat or butter makes the gluten strands shorter that are formed when water is added to flour. Due to this shortening of gluten strands, the texture of cake becomes tender, delicate and soft.

This type of cake includes all the cakes prepared with all the kinds of fat, like vegetable shortening, lard, butter, etc.

  1. Layer Cakes 

Most classic layer cakes, from birthday cakes to red velvet cake to even carrot cake are famous amongst all. These cakes are the most preferable and loved for special occasions. There three main ways to prepare layer cakes:

  • Creaming method:First the fat/butter and sugar are mixed and creamed together. This creates pockets of air which makes the cake crumbs soft. Then the other ingredients both wet and dry get added.
  • One-bowl method: In a bowl,all the ingredients are added at once and then are mixed together. No special creaming is done.
  • Cream-and-whip method:Just like the creaming method, here the egg whites are whipped separately, and then shortly before pouring the batter into the baking pans, the whipped eggs are added into the batter.
  1. Dora cake

Also known as dorayaki, a special Japanese pancake version, is a fluffy, golden, and silky sandwich of pancake. It got famous from a cartoon series, Doraemon. These fluffy sandwiches of pancakes are filled or layered with red bean paste, but it can also be prepared with thick strawberry preserve or Nutella. It gets its name from its shape which is a replica of dora which means gong in Japanese.

  1. Foam And Sponge Cakes 

These cakes include various famous varieties such as genoise, angel food cake, and jelly roll-style cakes. Egg being the main ingredient in these fluffy foam or sponge cakes is the reason behind the sponginess.

To prepare these, eggs are beaten to make air enter them. It can be done with whole egg or just the egg whites. Once beaten completely they are added or folded to the batter. The cake starts to rise, due to the steam created in the batter by the air beaten into the eggs, while the cake is being baked.

  1. Flourless Chocolate Cakes

Whipped egg whites, chocolate, butter, egg yolk and cream are folded together in this cake variant. Though the method is same as a sponge cake, yet the list of its ingredient clearly show the absence of flour or a very small quantity of flour makes it clearly a special and different cake type.

  1. Unbaked Cakes

Confections prepared without a baking such as no-bake cheesecake, icebox cakes and ice cream cakes are deserts that require absolutely no baking. They are still called cake due to their presentation and construction methods and not precisely due to their ingredients.

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