Top 6 Places to Visit in Bhopal

India is one such country that offers the traditional culture and amazing values that are unique and need to explore as well. Talking of which Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh in India, is one of the well-known places that offer rich culture, great ethical values and unique tradition. Besides, the city has many tourist destinations for you to explore and see things that our Mother Nature have gifted us. With natural beauty and glorious past, this land offers incredible attractions for the tourist that are must visit. Also, known as the ‘Greenest city in India’, let us learn more about the places to visit in Bhopal.

Upper and Lower Lakes:

Upper and Lower Lakes are two popular yet the most visited tourist destinations in Bhopal. Upper lake is also famous by the name of Bhojtal where most of the family plans to spend a wonderful weekend with their loved ones. The lake is considered to be the oldest manmade lake of India which is well-maintained and hold some mysteries as well. This lake is made with the water of 365 tributaries because of which it also gained the name as ‘Bada Talaab’. While searching for the 4 star hotels in Bhopal, make sure you try to book the one close to such tourist destination.


This is another popular place that you must visit. It is around 46 KM from Bhopal and is considered to be the world heritage site. The place is also known for the historic age lifestyle which a person in olden days uses to follow. As per the great archaeologist Dr. Vishnu Wakankar, Bhimbetka caves are one of those exceptional processes that reset the upper Palaeolithic to medieval period

Van Vihar National Park:

Moving on to other popular place is ‘Van Vihar National Park’ which is located in central India in the year 1979. This place is right adjacent to the upper lake and considered to be a favourite spot for many wildlife and nature lovers. It is fun to visit the place to see and explore variety of animals closely. Enclosed with natural habitats, if you are lucky you can certainly spot leopards, tigers, and panthers as well.

State Museum of Madhya Pradesh

This museum along with National Museum of Mankind shares the same complex but both the places hold outstanding importance. Talking about the state museum, its building is one of the best designed one in the whole country. There are 16 theme galleries with some interesting presentation on fossils, coins, and sculptures.

Bhojpur Temple

Bhojpur Temple also known as ‘Bhojeshwar Temple’ is one of the oldest temples designed by Raja Bhoj. The place is located right in the centre of Bhojpur city and is known to hold a religious importance for which people from different states ensure to visit.

Taj ul Masjid

This place has been ranked among the largest and mosques in the continent of Asia. Its construction was started during Sultan Shah Jahan time and completed during Allama Mohammad Imran Khan Nadwi Azhari period. Because of size and carved pillars, it is a prime attraction of the city.

No doubt that this city has stored some of the best archaeological and historical that is worth to visit. Make sure you look around the best four star hotels in Bhopal next time when you plan to visit the city.

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