Top 5 Digital Trends that are transforming the healthcare industry

Every nation is striving to improve its life expectancy rate. This is an indication of any nation’s wholesome development. To achieve this greater level of life expectancy, healthcare services of the negation have to check and improve their services constantly. Digitization has played a significant role in the evolution of healthcare services. HealthCare companies in the United Kingdom and United States have been seen to play a major role in the digitalization of healthcare services.  Digitization and digital transformation of the healthcare services are not merely about using developed technology and latest tools, but it is mostly about information handling. If information collected by the modern digital services can be directed effectively, it can be designed to give automated devices to existing and upcoming health problems. Many recently funded healthcare companies in the United Kingdom have been following these five digital trends listed below to improve life expectancy in the country.

Cloud Computing

The cloud technology has improved access for both doctors and patients. Using this technology patients now have access to test results and illness history, making waiting for test results a thing of the past. Qualified doctors can also update patient records without going through the time-consuming option of paper filing. Through this method doctors also have easy access to a patient’s illness history which makes diagnosis and treatment easy and less time-consuming.


Telemedicine involves the use of telecommunication technology which allows treatment to be given remotely to patients over the phone. With telecommunication patients can receive treatment quickly; the only requirements are a smartphone and a fast internet connection. It saves a lot of time and money for both doctors and patients. This kind of a trend has gained prominence in the field of mental health and patients who require emotional support can get it with just a phone call.

Artificial Intelligence

Data is the core of the digital world. Using the data received healthcare services, and companies can understand the level of customer satisfaction as well as look into the patient’s illness with a deeper insight. This data used is also something called artificial intelligence in healthcare which now proving to be worthy everywhere in the healthcare industry. Using this concept, wearable devices that are connected to work as a cohesive self, have become popular in the field of healthcare, making the process of creating medical reports and data an effortless job.

Wearables in healthcare

The use of automation in the healthcare industry has transformed the health of patients drastically. Through the use of technology and an automated system, patients can now be alerted on when to check their weight, blood, pressure and even pulse. After a correct check-up patient can now enter their results into portals that have been specifically designed for them. Now with being proactive and with little or no labour patients can prevent themselves from strokes, heart attack, lung diseases, etc.

Through the use of these trends, patients can now prevent themselves from dangerous conditions and diseases. Also with the use of technology healthcare industry is improving drastically day by day and so is the life expectancy rate of every nation involved in this revolution.

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