Tips and Tricks to Make Your Pizza Delivery Smooth and Hassle Free

Pizza Delivery

Ordering in a pizza to enjoy light dinner or munch some evening time food is a common practise these days. More or less everyone has ordered pizza once in their life. However while some swear by a smooth pizza delivery, there are others who have had a different experience altogether.

There are actually a few simple tricks and hacks that you can use if you want to get pizza delivered to your doorstep right on time and without any hassle from your end. Want to know how? Here are the golden tips that you ought to follow when ordering a pizza:

  1. The first and the most important thing that you need to do when it comes to placing a Pizza Order Online is that look for a place that is near your home. Wondering why you need to do this? Well it is simple- you will get the food delivered fast, easy and hassle free. The delivery boys will mostly be familiar with your neighbourhood and hence it will not take much time for the pizza to reach your home and satiate your hunger.
  2. The next thing that you ought to do is pre-decide your order. Do not keep the operator on the line waiting for you while you decide which one to go for. It is a sheer waste of time for you as well as operator. So its best that you decide the order first and then call to place your order. If there is more than one person, then discuss what you want to have. Do not fight or debate over the options when on the phone. If you do this you will see that you will be able to place your order smoothly and save your phone bill as well!
  3. Okay, now comes the most important point- you need to know what you are ordering. Familiarise yourself with the pizza lingo first. Do you know what thin crust or cheese burst means? Do you want mozzarella sticks or garlic bread with cheese dip as your side? You need to get to know what exactly these terms mean so that when you place your order you will know what to expect when your delivery arrives. Do not order something just because it sounds fancy without knowing what it means!
  4. Have a respect for time. If you want to get good customer service you also need to learn to be good customer. Do not charge or press the delivery boys if they are late in case of traffic. When ordering from a 24 hour Pizza Delivery, particularly on a holiday, keep in mind that they might short staffed and hence do not put extra pressure on them to get the pizza to you fast.
  5. And lastly, count the number of people and decide the quantity of food that you will need to order. Do not over order since the pizza might then go to waste which is a strict no no!

So when it comes to pizza delivery, these are some simple and human tricks that will help you to place a hassle free order.


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