Tips and Tricks to Check Fraud Transportation Services in Faridabad

Fraud Transportation Services

In the past, the transportation industry in India was largely an unorganized sector where a client would hardly expect to get a 100% satisfactory service, but with the incorporation of technology and the enforcement of some strict laws, this sector has come on track to some extent. There are still some ways via which a client can be cheated by the fraud transporters. Being one of the most responsible transportation services in Faridabad, we thought to provide you with the tips and tricks to avoid fake Transportation Services in Faridabad.

Fraud Transportation Services

6 Tips and Tricks to Check Fake Transportation Services are as Follows: 

  1. Check References: First of all, check the references of the transportation company just to know what others are saying about it. If the company is a fraud or unreliable, go online and check for the poor reviews and complaints. You will come to know about the real portfolio of the company.
  2. Cross Check online Reviews:  The online reviews can’t be considered a litmus check to prove the authenticity of a logistic services providing company. Sometimes the competitive businesses in order to defame their competitors post negative reviews on their sites through anonymous users. Even the good reviews about the company can be just promotion stuff and nothing else. You can cross check the reviews by talking to the company representatives directly you will get a true picture of how good will be your decision to hire the services of that particular company.
  3. Be Wary of offers and Discounts: The offers and discounts are good but be wary of a free lunch. You may come across some shipping quotes that you will find way lower than offered by the rest of the businesses. Be a skeptic, why will a company offer you services at an unbelievable price when it has overhead, storage, gas and insurance to pay for.Yes, there are legitimate deals out there offered by some legitimate transportation Services in Faridabad, but they seem too good to be true.
  4. Bypass Brokers: For striking a good deal, you should know about the differences between the shippers and brokers. The logistic companies provide your services, the broker hunts for a logistic company for you. The broker will contact multiple companies for you.  The reliable company will provide you services in quick time but the broker will take a time to find a service for you.
  5. Be Aware of Email Phishing Attacks: Nowadays, email phishing attacks are quite common in the world. The strangers pretend to be from prominent institutes like FBI, Bank, IMF or some other premier institutes. The phishing attacks have increased from 20% to 87% in the last few years. Any Tom, Dick and Harry can pretend to be from some reliable logistic company and offer you service at affordable prices. You may be asked to transfer the money to their account and then only it will deliver the services. So you need to be vigilant against the fake emails. Only the proper education can save you from such frauds.
  1. Inaccurate Freight invoices: The freight invoice is a bill rendered by a carrier to a consignee. It contains a description, the name of the shipper, and the point of the shipment origin, its weight, and the charges applicable. Any error in the freight invoice can work against you. So you need to cross check the details to see everything is printed right on it. You should only accept the original freight or expense bill. In the case of electronic transmission like mail, you should still ask for a receipted copy of it.

If you do not want to end up the victim of the fake transportation services in Faridabad, then follow the above given tips and tricks.

There are plenty of instances when clients were trapped by the seemingly legitimate and professional, but fake in reality the fake transportation services. The victims without even giving a second thought handed over the check to them happily. One such client while sharing his experience to this   Haultips writer, said that he waited for the car to arrive in two weeks, but a month passed, the car had still not arrived at his address. The victim said he tried to call the company, but its phone was switched off. And after moving from pillar to post, in the end he was able to identify the fraudster company, but the company refused to refund his money. And after consistent efforts, it finally agreed to refund his money.

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