The “Secrets” of Affiliate Marketing or How to Boost Your Income!

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Wondering if affiliate marketing is a real business opportunity? Do you want to get started or improve your results? Want to avoid frequent mistakes and optimize your strategy? This guide unveils the keys to successful affiliate marketing. You too can become a smart affiliate!

In affiliate marketing, you position yourself as an advertiser or an affiliate. One must never forget that the fundamental principle of affiliate marketing is a “win-win” relationship. If you want your partners to promote your offers by affiliation, it is obvious that you will have to do the same for some of them.

Myths and Realities of Affiliate Marketing

Some people think that affiliation only enriches advertisers. Others have tried the experiment and only had disappointing results. So, is the marketing affiliation a real business opportunity or a disguised scam?

To enlighten you, here are some distinctions between truths and received ideas.

Affiliate marketing only enriches the advertisers

Very few advertisers deliberately cheat their affiliates. For an advertiser, affiliates are a sales force. The interest of an advertiser is to encourage, support, and advise affiliates and not to deceive them.

A bad advertiser is not necessarily dishonest. In the vast majority of cases, when you do not earn commission, this is due to a tracking problem. By using the best platform for affiliate marketing, you will never have any problem in this regard.

Do not work with advertisers who do not offer performance indicators.

Do some tests with your affiliate link and see if a cookie is placed on your computer.

For an advertiser who uses an affiliate program internally (e.g. WP affiliate plug-in) or an external non-specialized service, ask him for information about his tracking system, the duration of cookies.

Promoting superlancing is always profitable

Often you will notice that the main partners of the advertiser (those who have large contact lists) offer many bonuses on the last day of the orchestrated launch.

It is therefore:

The last affiliate who receives the commission;

One of the affiliates that offers the most bonuses

You understand it. You did your job by sending all your prospects to the advertiser. And, you ultimately get very little or no sales. Because your contacts are part of the contacts of the big affiliates, partners of the advertiser.

Unfortunately this affiliation commission theft by this process is very common, especially in the niche “earn money, live your dreams …”

So be careful. Promoting an orchestrated launch with a high commission fee is not necessarily profitable.

I am going to make affiliate sales easily.

A lot of information circulates on the web presenting affiliate membership as a quick and easy way to make money. It’s wrong! The sale of an affiliate product is not that easy and it takes time if you want good results.

The more the number of affiliates that recommend a product, the more difficult it is to make sales.

The number of affiliates is not the criterion to consider. The real competition comes rather from “super affiliates”.

The vast majority of affiliates are just putting a banner on their site. It is usually them who think that affiliation is not profitable. Others promote many products at once and never sell anything. “Super Affiliates” are those who focus on a small number of advertisers and deploy a real strategy.

Cookies can be erased by visitors, so I can lose commissions.

The cookie is the keystone of the tracking system of affiliate programs and therefore your compensation as an affiliate.

Even if the proportion of internet users who deliberately delete their cookies is marginal, it should not be forgotten that some Internet users delete cookies from their computer.

Reminder: Thanks to an innovative technology, each click is collected server side, and thus guarantees a continuity of tracking without cookie and by IP. In other words, even if a user deletes cookies from his or her computer, and places an order, the commission will come back to you.

95% of affiliates make few sales in affiliate marketing!

Affiliates Make Sales For Four Essential Reasons:

– They are not trained in affiliate marketing.

– They advertise aggressively.

– They sell, they do not advise.

– They do not know the product they sell.

Some Internet users do not like to click on affiliate links

Internet users are often ready to put their hand in the wallet to buy what interests them. But for some strange reason, they hate that an intermediary receives a commission, even if it does not cost them a cent.

This category of Internet users does exist. It is important to take this into account. This is all the more reason to be honest with your readers and not to use techniques to hide your affiliate links (or warn them). However, Internet users are becoming more informed and fewer and fewer are rejecting these affiliate links.

Mistakes Not to Commit in Affiliate Marketing

1- Promote Affiliate Products to Wrong People

This makes sense and yet many affiliates make this mistake. For example, if your website is about gardening, do not offer your visitors products of a completely different theme that have nothing in common. To hope to sell, you must present your message to people who may be interested.

2 – Promote An Untested And Not Evaluated Offer

You will agree that it is impossible to present a product that you have not tested previously or a product that has not brought you any satisfaction. For example, would you recommend your friends to a movie you have not seen? Definitely not. If you do not present your personal experience, your message will have a purely commercial resonance. Your message will be impersonal and will prevent you from making sales.

In addition, you must ensure that the product is of quality. Remember that it’s your credibility that is at stake.

3 – Doing Affiliate Marketing For Multiple Products

Recommending dozens of untested products is a method that does not work. You will have much more satisfying results by focusing on just one affiliate product at a time.

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