The Most Suitable Option For A Healthy Tan Is The Spray Tan

Healthy Tan Is The Spray Tan

The human being is a unique animal. The development of our brains have made us care about many things. Beauty is one of those. Now let’s picture these scenarios: a person living in a sunny region will probably want to be pale but a person living in a cold one will love to have a skin tan. This particular issue is very common today. Taking a sunbathed on a beach or on a park have been traditional ways to get tanned, yet things have been changing for the past years. Being exposed to the sun for long periods of time means risking our health. Ultraviolet radiation is a cause of skin cancer. Therefore, and in order to avoid this sort of complications, healthier tanning methods have emerged, for example, spray tan.

There are a lot of brands and kinds of spray tan. So, you need to choose carefully the best one for you. It’s also recommended to look for professional assistance to get this treatment, especially if it is your first time. Before looking like a piece of bronze, it´s necessary to determine how tan would you want to be; the more spray tan is applied, the more tanned you will be. If you are not clear on the specifics, it is advisable to start with low volumes of spray. This will avoid any disappointments with the service.

It’s common to find people who like to get spray tan before holidays or weddings. It makes you different and your skin tone beautiful. But, be careful because you may be so tan after getting a spray tan, that it can look very fake.

For beginners in getting spray tan, it is prudent that you wear loosen dark clothes, because the spray can stain light-colored clothes. Do not wear lipstick, deodorant, face mask, or anything similar. Going without makeup will result in no barriers for the spray. Besides, some of the substances contained in make-up might react with the spray ingredients and cause side effects on the skin.

After getting your spray tan there are some tips to follow. For example, do not take a bath in chlorinated pools or hot baths. The spray tan is more efficient if you keep in the upper layers of your skin the substances that make up your tan. Then, if you do one of the aforementioned things, your skin will get exfoliated and the tanning treatment will be gone in a few minutes. Moreover, after getting a spray tan, you should put perfume on your clothes and not on you, this will also make your tan last longer. Any other instructions given by the professional should be taken into consideration.

Finally, experts recommend not to have many spray tan at once or to have tanning sessions too often. The inhalations of some substances like dihydroxyacetone can result in cancer. Always bear in mind the necessary precaution, but don’t stop your dreams and get the best tan of your life.


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