The Advantages of Independent BMW Repair

Summary: The biggest benefit of using independent BMW repair is that it saves driver from unnecessary repairs and unnecessary expenses.

Experiencing a technical failure while driving your BMW can be a very cumbersome experience. A full-proof  way to add misery to the situation is hearing the laundry list of required repairs and the associated price from the service adviser at your local BMW dealer’s service center.

Many first-time BMW owners religiously consult the dealer time and again for their
service and repair needs. By the time they buy their next one, however, many
try out other routes.

However, the best thing about seeking the service of the dealership is to always use the correct BMW Greensboro parts and repair procedures. Moreover, with more periodic maintenance included with your vehicle, you will be able to take advantage of that. However, it is advisable to do so with your eyes open.

The manufacturer advises particular maintenance intervals for diverse services. Besides, you might be required to treat most models to oil changes every 10, 000 – 15,000 miles. Remember, hitting the road without a full oil and filter change in a way invites danger.

So, take advantage of those included services that you can, but be sure to boost the performance of the vehicle with visits to your independent BMW repair pro.

The Myth about Using Chain Auto Repair Shops for BMW Service

At the mainstream auto repair shops, the cost is likely to be right. Similarly with most purchases in life, you get what you pay for. That is particularly obvious with regards to your superior BMW car.

The technicians at the chain shops excel in the basics of working on all makes and models. However, unlike genuine experts, they do not have any specific training for specialty vehicles such as your BMW. These auto repair businesses don’t commonly carry BMW certified replacement components either. Hence, whatever parts they do use may not be enough in terms of your safety of your car.

You may save a little money up-front but, when something quickly goes wrong thanks to
incorrect parts or an untrained repair tech, you’re likely to pay more later.

The Benefits of Choosing Independent BMW Repair Service

The above aspect is not necessarily the case always. Independent BMW Repair Shops are often more competitively priced than the BMW dealer service center. Your savings at an independent BMW Greensboro NC repair facility will come from two sources: parts and labor.

The biggest advantages of choosing independent mechanics is that they use original equipment manufacturer replacement parts- this means they are engineered by the same manufacturer that licensed them to BMW. These parts often come at a savings of at least 20%. In most cases, the independent BMW technician will charge a lower hourly rate than a dealer. This will yield in a significant savings, especially on major repairs. However, well respected BMW specialists actually may actually have an hourly rate that is at or above the dealer.

Experienced BMW Technicians:

Most independent BMW repair shops have expert BMW trained technicians that have proven track record of working at the dealer. With such long experience, you as a BMW driver will be assured of quality repair and service now at a better price. Another advantage of bringing your vehicle in to an independent ship is that your cart will be worked on by the same tech each time, not like at the dealer.  This gives the technician an opportunity to know you, your driving habits, and your car. Dealing with someone working under the hood is far better than seeking advice from a dealer service adviser.


Convenience is the guiding ethos of any independent BMW repair shops. Due to the advantageous location all over the country, you can surely find a repair shop nearby your home. Many independent BMW shops provide shuttle facilities that will take you to work or home and some even offer loaner or rental cars. Most shops cater to the customers by providing customer lounges and offering Wi-Fi access. The convenience of independent BMW repair shops allows you to save your valuable time when your BMW needs repair or service.

The Customer Service Factor:

Unlike branded dealerships, independent auto repair shops are most commonly dedicated to providing repairs and maintenance. This means you will be always treated well. You can almost always expect better customer service at independent shops than you can at a big dealership. Independent shops are focused on caring for each customer’s specific needs.

It’s quite typical for a dealership, on the other hand, to have a waiting list of cars in need of repair. This definitely enhances the chances of your car being more likely thrown into an assembly line of other cars. Inevitably, your vehicle will not pass through the proper assessment procedure, the lack of which might evidently hamper the diagnosis of the issues well. Hence, it might make it difficult for you to determine and take the next steps to fix your vehicle’s problem for the long term.

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