Test a Candidate’s Skills in MS Excel through Online Platforms

Skills in MS Excel

MS excel is a ubiquitous software program used by business organizations and other companies all over the world. This software program is a part of Microsoft Office suite of programs. This is very useful software that is used for organizing, formatting and calculating data with formulas in a spreadsheet system consisting of rows and columns. MS excel can be used to display data in the form of charts, histograms, line graphs and many more.

Business organizations extensively use MS excel for compiling sales data, invoices, analyzing trends and many other operations. Thus, knowledge of MS excels is imperative for all kinds of employees such as junior managers, executive or administrative assistants, human resource assistants, sales and marketing executives, etc. Therefore, Microsoft excel skills assessment test is an important part of the recruiting process for the above mentioned and more posts in a company.

Benefit of online platforms

The online platforms provide a swift and efficient way to thoroughly test the candidates in various aspects of MS Excel. The tests cover a plethora of topics and skill requirements that the companies look for in the candidates. Some have been listed here.

  • The candidates are tested on their abilities to use Power Pivots and Pivot tables for converting data into decision points.
  • Candidate’s knowledge of formatting and using functions and formulae for data analysis are put to test.
  • Assessment of the knowledge regarding the use of charts, tables and graphs to represent data.
  • The candidate’s skills in automating spreadsheets using macros and advanced functions are tested.
  • Candidates are required to perform What-if, statistical analysis and sensitivity using the data.
  • Knowledge of other topics such as arguments and statements are also assessed.

The online tests can also be customized to suit the specific requirements of the client company. The tests are designed for people possessing advanced knowledge of MS Excel as required in business and other organizations. Some organizations for which the tests are extremely suitable are as follows.

  • Human Resources
  • Engineering firms
  • IT and technology companies
  • Law firms
  • Retail
  • Sales
  • Marketing department
  • Customer service department
  • Public Sector Enterprises
  • Consultancy companies
  • Administrative bodies

The online MS Excel tests are available for all kinds of organizations irrespective of size, structure or the level of training. From startups and small companies to big businesses, the tests are designed and available for all.

Level of tests

The online Microsoft excel skills assessment tests can be divided into basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

Basic level is suitable for receptionists, office clerks, data entry operatives, etc. Candidates with basic skills in storing data, filtering and sorting data, representing data using charts and creating reports can take this test. Intermediate level features questions which test the candidate’s level of proficiency in using charts, tables, functions, formulae and others. Advanced level of difficulty assesses the ability of the candidates to create high quality advanced MS Excel reports.

Test reports

Test reports are instantly available to the company. The results can be downloaded or received through email.


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