Some facts about knee Replacement Surgery: Knee Arthroplasty

knee Replacement Surgery

With time, due to injury or advancing age, the knees are said to lose its flexibility. Hence, people find it difficult to bend properly their needs as they experience intense pain and inflammation. Mobility gets further restricted and pain increases when cartilage between two knees tends to wear out as the person ages. Regular activities are hindered and immediate remedy is not provided, then the situation will only get worse.

It is during such circumstances that the physician will recommend surgery as the initial treatment to be performed, as physiotherapy and medications fail to provide respite. Around 90% of the patients have benefitted immensely from this procedure.

The knee joints getting damaged due to osteoarthritis or injury during knee replacement use mechanical implants as replacement. Partial or total knee replacement is conducted depending upon the knee condition. Searching the web will help the person to come across list of best knee replacement hospital in India.

Some questions asked about knee replacement

Patients experiencing osteoarthritis tend to have few questions pertaining to their seeking knee replacement surgery. Some are given below:

  • Complications associated with this procedure: It is a safe procedure. Complications are only experienced by fraction of patients. Infection is the commonly witnessed surgical complication affecting about 2% of patients. The other complications noticed is damage to blood vessels including the surrounding tissue, blood clots, defect or rejection of implant.
  • Recovery time: It is claimed by the leading surgeons and hospitals that osteoarthritis patient will be able to walk normally in a week after the surgery. But for full recovery, it will take several weeks. Combination of occupational and physical therapy at hospital setting is advised. Hospital stay is required for 3-5 days, in case of total knee replacement. Recovery and rehab continues for 2 months. Few exercises are also recommended. Household work can be resumed after 8 weeks. But in some patients, recovery can be slow. Full knee bending and squatting is to be avoided.
  • What takes place during knee replacement surgery: Shine bone is encased during the surgery with plastic, while metal casing is used for the thigh bone. Patient is given general anesthesia. Irregular and worn out knee bone is replaced with prosthetic implant. Plastic is used to replace surface under knee cap. It is performed to ensure smooth movement of joints and to eliminate pain. The surgery ensures eliminating natural bone and cartilage. Other material or enforcement is sued for joining implants or artificial parts with knee cap, thigh bone and shin bone. Artificial parts after setting tend to form joints which depend upon surrounding muscles and ligaments to function and support properly.
  • Eligibility for undergoing the procedure: People having crossed 50 years and experiencing severe knee arthritis are eligible for the procedure. The conditions could be painful and severe, making it impossible to walk or stand properly and also hinder with regular activities.

The best knee replacement hospital in India is sure to provide the most appropriate treatment to the patients helping them to lead a normal life like before.

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