Selling Your Apartment: 5 Tips When Selecting An Estate Agent

Selling Your Apartment

Once you have reached upon the most important decision in your life, selling your apartment- finding a suitable & trustworthy estate agent can be a daunting task. And, this becomes even more, if you a first-time home seller, then you don’t have enough knowledge to find the best guy in the market. With so much competition, just about everyone calling himself or herself a guy to trust, selecting the right estate consultant is an absolute given.

So, taking from the a  bove, selling your home comes with an array of responsibilities starting with price negation to documentation work. Therefore, you need to put in all the efforts to establish a convenient transfer of property. And, for that, having by your side one of the most trusted estate agents in Gravesend is worthwhile.

5 Tips To Note Down-

Obtain Recommendations

This way to begin you should search for a competent estate agent by seeking recommendations from your friends and relatives. This will help you to narrow down on some of the best options. Moreover, their personal experience with the estate agents will make sure you stay clear of hassles.


Multi-estate agents Gravesend would be great; there is nothing wrong with that. Or you can attend a meeting with more than one estate agent, get an idea about their commission, experience, and their market expertise.

Enquire About Market Experience

Always check how much experience you’re potential property agent has, and their local market knowledge is crucial. Ask questions like, how many properties they have sold in the area before that? How successful were they? Like these, inquire a number of questions, they make a massive difference, which can influence your final decision for choosing the right agent in the market. It is also great if they provide you with a contact list of some of their previous clients.

How Will They promote your flat?

Now, coming to the most important aspect, how they plan to advertise your flat for sale, do they have a website. This will greatly influence the odds of your apartment getting sold in quick time and at the best price. Where, they will list your property, on social media networks, buy & sell websites or the local newspapers. Some real estate agents nowadays, video record 360-degree images of their client’s property. Make sure your agent thoroughly view your house to build a review about your house, its potential selling power in the market.

Commission Negotiate

When it comes to money aspect in real estate, nothing is negotiable. Negotiate on the commission fees, this way you will able to save extra dollars. Obtain multiple fees quotes will help you single down on one option.  Having said that, it is also crucial do not negotiate for very level fees. This will decrease the motivation level of your agent to sell off your apartment faster, and lock the best price.

At the end of it all, these tips are worthwhile, if you follow them in order, you will end up saving your time and money.


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