Selim Zherka- A Compassionate Human & Successful Real Estate Professional In The USA!

Real Estate Professional

When it comes to harmony between professional and personal life, there are very few people who can successfully achieve it. These rare few are gifted with success, happiness and joy as they are able to focus on the two most important aspects of life. When it comes to a balance between personal and professional life, esteemed real estate consultant, investor and developer, Selim Zherka is a shining example. He is known for his generosity and hard work towards creating a better life to all those around him.

Balancing work, charity and family

He has been associated with the real estate industry for more than 30 years. He has good working relationships with major banks and financial institutions in the USA. Besides being a hard-working professional in the demanding field of real estate, he is also a motivational speaker. He helps people and also is deeply into charitable causes targeted at underprivileged children and homeless individuals.

As a family man, he is devoted to his wife and eight children. He loves spending time with his sons and daughters. He says that most people work all the time to earn money. However, they miss out on the golden memories with their families. When it comes to life, kids grow up fast. This is why if you really love your family; do not run after money all the time.  Come back to your family and spend precious time with them. He says after a hard day at work, the best thing that he gets is the tiny hugs and kisses of his sons and daughters- this is his biggest reward.

Charity begins at home

He is an avid believer of charity begins at home and this is why he ensures that his family gets his support and presence all the time.  He says that he is close to his parents and like them he wishes to be a positive role model to his wife and kids. When it comes to work and spare time, he never misuses the latter. He works hard and he also lends a helping hand to the underprivileged that are not fortunate to have a good life.  He donates generously to causes that are targeted to underprivileged children.  He also helps the homeless as well.  He says that as a human being it is your duty to help people who are not as lucky as yourself.  They are not to be blamed for the circumstances that have happened to them.  Some people are born poor and they should not be blamed for their poverty at all.

With this vision and approach, Selim Zherka is a positive role model not only to his family but to society as well.  He is a man that has many values and he says that he is happy to be of service to people who need him. Even in the professional arena, he is a mentor and a guide to many real estate investors. He says that he enjoys each and every moment of his work and life. His peers and colleagues respect him and his family and the whole community he serves loves him very dearly!

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