SAS Training Can Set You Up for a Great Career

SAS Training

SAS or Statistical Analysis System was introduced in 1970s for retrieving data and performing analysis on it. It is considered by industry insiders as the leader in analytics, with its new age Business Intelligence usage and big data manipulation. But SAS is popular not only in the field of IT and software, but has a plethora of usage even in other industries. With every new updated version SAS is providing newer products and solutions that are making it increasingly favourable in the market. SAS has its usage in various industries like Banking and Financial sector primarily apart from that Automation, Health Care, Media, Sports, Consumer goods, public departments, Defence and many more.

Every industry is churning out data in humongous amounts and with the competition in present scenario increasing manifold, the need for the big data analysis and the importance of SAS have increased considerably. India, which is often considered the hub for cost effective reliable talent and products, has number of jobs available and the opportunities are extended towards an increasing number of trained professionals.

SAS trainingputs you in an extremely lucrative field; analytics professionals with an experience of merely half a decade can command big pay cheques. Starting at around 4-5 lacs per annum for fresh candidates it may rise up to 10-15 lacs per annum for more experienced professionals. In spite of the fierce competition, survey has found SAS as industry leader in the world market.

Over 90% of banks globally use the SAS software. It has great usage in finance with state of the art forecasting and econometrics. It is used for calculating investment risks and integrated applications for asset and liability management and can be used individually, together and in combination.

Pharmaceutical companies are using SAS analytical tools to explore clinical outcomes and risk tolerances and help in improving the quality of patient care. Researches are conducted on the SAS platform improving its advanced visualisation tools and GI interface and also honing its capacity for storing data. For more than three decades SAS analytics is being used for drug discovery, clinical trials and sales.

In India, Bangalore has emerged as the go to destination for setting industries whether it is in the field of Information Technology or any other field. Most companies whether Indian or from off shore are based out of thissouthern city. With all the available resources, the city has emerged as the front runner with maximum number of employments available in SAS.

Leading SAS certification in Bangalore is top notch, with leading institutes providing variety of classes with industry exposure. If you want to ride the wave of the biggest change that has hit the 21st century, get yourself SAS certified. You can build your career in any sphere with SAS, so join the club and ride the growth.

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