Reasons Why JEE Mains Mathematics is Different From JEE Advanced

JEE Mains Mathematics

There are certain things to consider when a student is preparing for both the professional examinations. The studies of JEE mains and JEE advanced may go hand in hand, but the questions that are offered in these exams for the selection of candidates can never be similar. This is because the two exams are practically two steps in the road to get a seat in the prestigious colleges to study engineering. Therefore it is important to have proper planning before studying mathematics for both the exams JEE mains and JEE advanced.

Reasons For Which Mathematics Differ Between Two Examinations

Uses of mathematics differs a lot in two important examinations that the engineering aspirants need to go through. These two examinations are based on the ability of the students to solve the questions of physics, chemistry and mathematics within a given time. Time is very important as speed test requires varied things to be followed so that the total work can be completed on time. Therefore it is important that the students attend the highest number of correct answers so that they can avoid negative marks. These tips are given with the study material by iit jee maths online coaching.

There are mathematics questions in JEE mains and JEE advanced that are totally different from one another in the level of difficulty. The questions that students need to deal with while giving their JEE mains exam are basic ones and some of them are even relatable with board exam questions. But there are surely different ways in which it can be solved within a shorter period of time. That is why while giving JEE mains exam, students must not waste time on the questions from chapters that are their weakness. All the chapters that students are confident about can bring them better marks.

The whole idea about JEE advanced and different questions are because of the higher level of examination. Only JEE main qualified candidates can give the JEE advanced examination. That is why the level of questions are made way higher. It is used to test in-depth knowledge of the students and get a better understanding of the candidates who are perfect to join those elite institutes. The reasons for which increasing level of difficulty is important is directly related to engineering curriculum. All the students going for courses at IIT have to go through major challenges when they study as there is bound to be more pressure than other engineering colleges.

The real problems that students need to understand are the study pattern. Considering three of the subjects getting qualified for JEE advanced is not difficult as the questions in the JEE mains paper can be attained with board exam knowledge up to certain level. Along with that jee maths preparation online can help the candidates in understanding the subject more for getting better results.


Mathematics is an important subject for engineering students and only those having a total basic knowledge can make the most out of the entrance exams. Mathematics stays important even throughout the curriculum making it a part of life for the students.

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