Possible Infections That Affect Pregnancy And Treatments

Infections That Affect Pregnancy And Treatments

Women prefer to spend the time of pregnancy in a healthy state so that they do not need to be concerned for the baby. But there are bound to be associated issues with regard to pregnancy. There are infections that occur during pregnancy due to natural reasons. These infections may lead to a serious illness that can affect the mother and baby. It is very important to have medications just to cure these infections.

Possible infections during pregnancy

In pregnant women, the chances of infections are higher just like other diseases. Infections in pregnancy differ in symptoms but can cause serious problems for the baby.

The most important factor for susceptibility is immunity. During the time of pregnancy, most of the immunity in the body of the mother is decreased. Thus baby and mother become prone to infections to get bacterial and viral infections. During the time of pregnancy for the baby, the impact of immune system gets lower.

A baby is a foreign object to mother’s body, therefore the immune system needs to be well balanced so that some of the immunity reaches the baby as innate immunity and keeps both their health in place. Keeping the baby healthy is very important for normal growth. Any infection may prove to be fatal for the baby as the immune system does not properly grow in early stages.

There are also some infections in reproductive system that affect the mothers. These problems lead to infections in the urinary tract. There are hormonal changes that affect the system. Along with this, pneumonia-like infections are also possible in mothers affecting their lungs. Newborns are also susceptible to pneumonia and thus they should be kept away from mothers suffering from pneumonia.

Ways to prevent infections

Infections during the time of pregnancy can be controlled if a person takes various measures to prevent that. The acts are simple and should be administered every time.

  1. Washing hands with soap must be done every time because it helps to keep germs away. The best way is to keep a sanitizer handy.
  2. Raw dairy products and undercooked animal protein should be avoided because those are more prone to infection and any infection that is carried into the bloodstream may reach the baby and affect its health.
  3. Pregnant women should not share utensils or food with other people, just to be sure that any infection that the person carries does not affect them.

The drastic effects of infections can be prevented after taking up these measures. These measures are necessary to have a healthy time of pregnancy. The infection treatments during pregnancy can also be done through medication.


Simple measures can prevent any infection from affecting the baby. This makes the mothers feel less concerned about the baby and she can let the baby grow with proper nutrition. Since the immune system in the baby is still at a growing stage, the problem occurs with preventing the infection. Proper preventive measures need to taken by mother only.

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