Popular homemade chicken dishes

chicken dishes

Chicken is one of the major sources worldwide for eggs and meat. There are many chicken dishes that come with varieties and flavours. Depending on the region and culture it is prepared in a variety of way. Chicken meat is one of the most common types of meat available in the market. It is also cheap compared to other kinds of meats. For all these reasons and the varieties it offers, chicken dishes are highly popular around the world.

Many restaurants are popular for their chicken dishes. Now-a-days recipes of these popular dishes are easily available over the internet or in the books also. Today let us discuss about those dishes which can be ready easily at home.

Chilli Chicken: Chilli chicken is one of the most popular dishes among all. This is widely available in the market and a highly demanded item. This is a perfect homemade recipe among all the other chicken dishes. This food has a Chinese origin but is also popular in the Indian subcontinent. It is a spicy non-veg dish with mixed flavour of sweet and chilli. This goes with both rice and paratha nicely.

Pepper Chicken: Pepper chicken is perfect for winter. It is actually very easy to make. Pepper chicken has the taste and aroma that differs it from the rest chicken curry recipes. Fresh coarsely ground pepper which brings the mild heat to the dish makes it even more special. It can be served as a starter as well as a main course dish. Rice, chapathi, paratha goes along with this deliciously.

Crispy Chicken: In southern China and Hong Kong this is a very standard dish. Indians have added their tastes to it and made it even tastier. The skin of this crispy chicken is extremely crunchy. It is prepared in such a way that white meat remains relatively soft. This is a very good item for starter.

Butter Chicken: In India one of the most popular chicken items is butter chicken. This dish is preferably considered as main course item. Chicken, butter, yogurt, spice, green chillies, coriander are the main items for butter chicken. This is very easy to make as a homemade preparation. With mildly spiced curry spice this dish becomes absolutely delicious.

Tandoori Chicken: Tandoori chicken is a popular homemade dish ready by chicken, yogurt, honey, tandoori masala. In Indian subcontinent this dish is very famous. The people who look for spices in their foods can go for tandoori chicken. This is also a main course item.

Chicken soup: Chicken soup is one of those items which can be ready in home at ease. Among patients this soup is widely popular. With various ingredients, chicken simmered in water this soup can be ready.

These are some of the homemade chicken items which are very popular in India. There are lots of other dishes too. Chicken curry, chicken tikka, roast chicken, etc. are very popular. We can have these items as starters and as a main course item.


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