Online Airtel recharge probable issues

Online Airtel recharge

Carrying out an airtel recharge can be done anytime and with simplified procedure that keep getting launched every other day, things have become easy and trouble-free for the common man. Online recharge is a method that most of us prefer also because we get to pay using our credit card or our debit card or Netbanking. Digital wallets are also gradually becoming a popular method of making online payments for bills and recharges. Most online payments are processed really fast and the users get acknowledgement of the recharge at great speed.

But there are times when the user furnishes all requisite details but the acknowledgement or confirmation of the airtel recharge takes time or does not come through. This can happen whether you are using the Airtel brand website or App for recharge or even when using online retailer sites and Apps. Some very popular third party merchant Apps that are used for online recharges, bill payments and e-shopping purchases are the Paytm App, the MobiKwik App and the PhonePe App.

When payment goes through but recharge is not confirmed

This is a scenario that can happen with anyone once-in-a-while. In this case, you receive a confirmation message and email from your bank that the payment has been deducted but the recharge does not happen – not immediately at least. What generally happens here is that either you have entered the wrong phone number for recharge, or you have missed entering certain particulars like the telecom circle is not selected properly. It can also happen when there is an issue with the operator’s network at the backend. Whether you are using the operator site/App or a reseller’s site/App for the airtel recharge, there has been a mismatch between the front-end information and the back-end network and hence the operator has been unable to confirm the recharge.

Both the service providers – the operator and the reseller – will reverse the money back in case the recharge does not happen even after few hours. The user would need to either cancel the recharge aftersometime, or write to the customer support team to look into the case.

When the payment is not processed

Another scenario that keeps happening on and off with subscribers. You receive a message, in this case, saying that the payment confirmation is awaited or pending. Generally, such situations happen at the end of the bank when the server is down, or there is a technical outage at the backend or the payment gateway suspends the operation midway because of some technical issues. In this confusion, if the money from your account got deducted, your airtel recharge will be confirmed else you will surely get a refund. If, however, your account remained untouched, the recharge process remains incomplete and you will have to redo the process again.

The third case is when you recharge using a third party site/App by selecting a particular recharge plan and instead of getting the enlisted benefits, you get lesser benefits because the plan was not updated or has expired etc. In this case, the telecom operator is responsible for ensuring that the user gets benefits as per deals mentioned.

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