Most Popular Shopping Destinations in Delhi

Most Popular Shopping Destinations in Delhi

Are you a shopaholic?  Do you love to buy things from different places? Are you staying in Mumbai but bored of the same markets all around? Well, if that is the case, then why not spare a weekend for shopping endeavours in another city like Delhi?

You are just a couple of hours away from all the shopping thrill and diversity.  You can check out Mumbai Delhi flights schedule, book the tickets as per your availability, and explore the popular markets of capital of India. After all, the city encompasses brilliant markets for people, who love shopping. Have a quick glance at some of the most popular and adored markets of Delhi below:

Palika Bazaar

This shopping plaza is snuggled in the centre of Connaught Place and it is fully air-conditioned. People visiting Delhi from other places of India buy clothes, accessories, perfumes, footwear, electronic products, CDs and much more from Palika Bazaar.  If you have any plans to visit this marketing bonanza then you should have good bargaining skills on your plate to get the things at reasonable rates.

Connaught Place

The fullest of all the shopping spots of Delhi is Connaught Place. The shopping place appears wonderful with its white appearance. You are going to find outlets of all types of brands here at the same point inside a distance of couple of steps. The well-organized stores and showrooms of Connaught Place cater a range of classy fabric, Indian books, jewellery, handcraft items, electronic goods and much more. Apart from showrooms and stores, the place has various hotels, café, restaurants and multiplexers.

Sarojini Market

Sarojini market caters range of fashionable clothes at reasonable rates. Right from apparel to kitchenware, household items to accessories, you are going to get everything in this splendid market. To fetch the trendiest of things you can choose Sarojini Market. You can find teenagers and youngsters all over this market for their shopping ventures. You would find everything you want at this market but yes, you have to possess some good bargaining skills here. The more beautifully you bargain, the reasonable rates you would find.


Janpath is a famous local market of Delhi that caters a lot of products and items. People of all age groups and taste can pick something or the other of their choice from this Market. The shops and stores of Janpath cater goods from Tibet and all over the country. It is a great place to shop keepsakes and various other useful things. The market always stay full of crowd so you need to be little careful there! You can find everything from traditional and western clothes to accessories, antiques, footwear, handicrafts, paintings, cheap jewellery, and leather work and so on.

So, when you work so hard and do everything to keep your family on track; then why not give some time to your lifestyle? Exactly, if you love shopping don’t hesitate to fly to another city. You need to soak in the variety of these markets of Delhi! After all, they have everything you might desire for!

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