Meet the Cars of Fast 8

Cars of Fast 8

Since Fast 8 has simply been terrific in Hollywood this year, road-trippers have been more interested in the concept cars nowadays. Although most of the car stunts and action scenes were quite illogical with some plot points are also highly questionable, the crowd doesn’t really care about the story. Keeping all the critical stuff aside, this movie has got the plethora of concept cars to leave you spellbound with. So let’s check into the mania of Fast 8 ravishing wheels;

Dodge Ice Charger

While Vin Diesel was seen igniting the tracks in Fast 8, there is another cynosure known as “Dodge Ice Charger”. It was mainly built for special sequent. It’s actually the 1968 Dodge Charger that is custom designed and built. Moreover, it is quite like a cross between the cars from Ken Block’s Outrageous Hoonicorrn and Mad Max. With steel panelled and flared body, the muscle car looks stunning. Did you notice the spiked tyres to take on the ice terrain sideways? It’s not just the Special Ice Charger that Dom with the ride on in this sequel, Modern Dodge Charger and the Ratty Old 1951 Chevy will also get a chance to taste to blend with his driving skills.

Local Motors Rally Fighter

This absolute brute is known as the Rally Fighter that’s been driven by Michelle Rodriguez’s character Letty Ortiz. For sure, it looks more like a beach buggy since it’s a custom built car having a body of the coupe. Don’t know if you spotted the raised suspension or not, but it blends really well with the spiked tyres and a bully sort of guard up front. Don’t miss the stunning LED light mounted on top. And you know what? Letty is not going to drive it smooth as she can’t sleep peacefully without being rude with a ride.

Lamborghini Murcielago

Tyrese Gibson, stubborn giggling Roman, is truly about the passion and thrill while driving. With a beautiful orange Lamborghini Murcielago, you’ll see him going off track with fast and exotic moves. If you don’t know, it’s one of the most Lamborghini ever up till now in the history. The Lamborghini Murcielago has actually been replaced by the Aventador and was actually powered by 6.2 litres v12 motor. This swanky ride is capable of hitting 0-100KMPH within as quickly as 4 sec. Truly, Roman is not going to stop by but pass by us like “Woonnnsshhhhh”.

Subaru BR-Z

You would stumble upon a plethora of exotics being driven around, but don’t miss out the subtle player here that is the Subaru BR-Z. This witty coupe gets a custom job with the wide wheels, slammed ducktail body kit and ‘Toyo’ lettering on the Dunlop tyres Dubai. It was actually four identical Subaru BR-Zs built by the production crew in order to film the Fast 8. Out of which, 3 have, I don’t know how but miraculously survived somehow. Seriously, the survival number of the car, keeping in mind the Hollywood standards, is simply brilliant.

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