Looking For A Job Under The Federal Skilled Worker Canada Program?

Federal Skilled Worker Canada Program

Millions of people across the world search and apply for Canada Immigration every year. The reason behind the popularity of immigration to this amazing country is the lenient procedures that it follows regarding immigration policies, perfect settings for new immigrants, different cultures, excellent and cheap education facilities, proper health care, high employment rate and high standards of living.  Canada is listed among the top ten places in the world to immigrate and live in. The most famous category to apply for immigration to Canada is The Federal Skilled Worker Canada Category.

How can you go to Canada as a skilled Worker?

Requirements of federal skilled worker in Canada has given birth to an immigration system where you can apply for Canada immigration and seek their permanent visa and job offer by applying under the Federal Skilled Worker Canada program. Candidates registering themselves under the Federal Skilled Worker Program have to apply through the Express Entry System. The eligibility criteria requires from the candidate to:

  • Have a current job offer in Canada; or
  • Should be eligible in order to work In Canada; or
  • Should have a stable financial background as to support itself and its family after settling in Canada

What are the features of the Express Entry System?

For Candidates:

  • immigration facilitated in or within 6 months
  • get a work position in Canada
  • Canadian Residence

For Employers:

  • Fast processing
  • No Government fees
  • Selection of the pre-screened skilled immigrants

The process of Canadian immigration from India

If you are an Indian looking to apply for a job and immigration in Canada, the new express entry system is the best and fastest way for you to apply. This system is special designed looking forward the permanent residence needs of the applicants on the basis of their economic status. You have to be selected in the EE program and achieve a qualifying score (CRS) to become eligible in order to get an invitation for Canadian permanent residence application.

The CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) for every applicant is based on different criteria’s:

  • Age
  • Language proficiency
  • Adaptation to Canada’s climate
  • Education
  • Work
  • Experience

What kind of work experience does the potential applicant need?

The Canadian national Occupational Classification (NOC) divides the required work experience under the FSW program intro three levels, i.e.

  • Skill Type 0
  • Skill level A
  • Skill Level B

However all these levels are irrelevant if you already have a permanent job offer in Canada.

Point System of The Federal Skilled Worker Program

A minimum of 67 points is required for the eligibility as an applicant under the Federal skilled Worker Program. The basis of point distribution is:

  • Education of the applicant
  • The applicant’s efficiency in two Canadian Official languages, i.e., English and French.
  • Work Experience of the applicant
  • Age of the applicant
  • The applicant’s employment arrangement in Canada, and
  • The applicant’s adaptability

Note:  the Federal Skilled Worker point System differs from that of Express Entry System.

Requirement of federal skilled worker in Canada needs you to be eligible based on the above given criteria. If you fulfill these criteria you can apply under the FSW program through Express Entry System.

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