Learn the Etiquettes of Traveling in a Train

Traveling in a Train

People learn etiquettes since their childhood. How to eat, how to talk, how to walk, how to do this or that; everything you learn and practice. But has anyone told you about how to travel? When you travel in a train, do you ever think about the things you do and the things you don’t do?

You must be smiling or laughing about this thought right? Come on, don’t take these things lightly. There is much that you have to think about and understand so as to experience a good journey. Maybe you have all the information about trains, timings, Irctc seat availability and so on; but what about you? Do you know about the things that you do on board? Well, below are a few silly and stupid things that Indians do on train. These should not be done at all.

Talking in an extreme loud volume

This is something that is in the blood of most of Indians.  Of course, there are exceptions there but majority of people in your circle or who knows you too fall in the category of loud talkers. It means whether you are talking to a person standing next to you or you are simply on a phone, your voice climbs the heights that reach beyond boundaries.

There are people who talk loudly when they are in a train. Of course, nobody can stop you from doing that, but you need to learn the etiquettes to talk at a balanced volume. You have no idea how many curses you get when you talk in a high tone and the person next to you gets terribly disturbed. And there is another angle to this too. Sometimes in the flow of talk, you reveal the things and facts that should not be known to others, especially strangers. You discuss about family problems, take names, and speak about the office and so on. You have no idea how these things can become harmful for you. Who knows the person sitting next to you have bad intentions?

Counting your money

It might surprise you that there are many people who are in a bad habit of counting their money while they travel. It is okay if you count it while you are at home but on train, it might land you in trouble. You are always surrounded by the passengers, hawkers and coolies who might be greedy. So, why to bell the cat? It is always advisable to keep you money in your luggage only. Even if you want to make payment to the tea hawker or so on, keep some money handy in your pocket and give the amount from there.

Consuming germs

Maybe it shocks you, but most of the passengers never think about washing their hands before they eat or drink anything. It has been seen that people buy something to eat or simply take out their food box from the bag and start eating. It’s true that you didn’t go to the washroom, and there is no need to wash hands, but you actually touched the chair rests, cabin handles, doors and other random stuff of train, didn’t you? Don’t forget about hundreds of hands that touch the public space. This way you might be consuming unhygienic particles.

So, change your habits before you become a victim of your own habits.

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