Jetta Mitigates the Performance Demands to Find Itself Widely Acceptable for 2017

volkswagen jetta

Jetta in particular and Volkswagen in whole has always made the interior their USP. Those who look for upgraded machinery might go for the Golf, but Jetta still retains the classic touch within.

Finally, Volkswagen has made it possible for their Jetta to claim itself a compact Sedan officially. But what gives the Jetta the edge is it comfortably proves to be the biggest in the class and even offers enough space when compared to the rest of the mid-sized vehicles available in the market. Capturing the widest market available is what all the brand makers in the industry look forward to, and in order to meet their stand point, they come up with multiple trim levels and a wide range of engine options. Same goes for the Jetta as well- from basic to sporty, Jetta has it covered on all grounds.

The 21st-century generation looks forward to vehicles which are not just safe within but also have the classic style on its exterior as well. However, going by the reviews, available in the market, Jetta does not match what the 21st century demands and lack the sharp edge and stylish look. Even though Jetta had it the first model debuting way back in 2011, these five years seem to have fallen short in updating the styling features.

However, their development process has never come to a halt, and for the latest version, all the trim levels have been streamlined. The 2017 Volkswagen Jetta comes in four different trims- 1.4 T S, 1.4T SE, 1.8T SEL and the 2.0T GLi respectively. Discussing each of these trims will make it easier for the Volkswagen lovers to have a better idea of which particular model proves to suit them.

The 1.4T S has finally found the 5 Speed Manual transmission successfully, along with the 16-inch alloy wheels. While people might find this particular trim not suitable, all the standard features for a comfortable and safe ride are available in this model as well. The heated side mirrors, a multi-functional steering wheel, and the LED daytime running lights have found some applauds in most of the Volkswagen services. The 4 speaker audio system complements the entertainment section along with the 5-inch touchscreen display in front of the dashboard.

For an enhanced version of what you’ve seen, the 1.4T SE seems to be a perfect match. While the 16-inch alloy wheels stay in the model, the heated washer nozzles, a blind spot monitoring system and a powered sunroof give the additional touch that is required for the extra dollars that you pay here. There are few more additional functions that one will find in this upgraded version and it will include a leather wrapped steering wheel, the gearshift knob, keyless entry with a push button start and also a 6.3-inch touchscreen that makes the vehicle complete.

Go higher, and you will find cosmetic and aerodynamic touches to accompany the smooth ride you take within the Volkswagen Jetta. The engine definitely finds more power, and the upgraded braking system with red painted calipers makes you feel hell lot safer in the top most trim offered by the Volkswagen Jetta. While people get concerned about the safety, the Volkswagen repair Greensboro NC gives assurance with the automatic post collision braking system that has been incorporated in the latest version. The idea of making sure that the car doesn’t run into anything is being thoroughly maintained, and that gives the added confidence to Volkswagen.

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