IVF has become a new way to have children

IVF treatment

Infertility is one of the biggest problems in recent times. But with the continuous and successful scientific as well as technological advancements, now there are many treatments for infertility.  In vitro fertilization is one such process of infertility treatment where an egg of a woman is combined with the male sperm in the laboratory in a liquid or a fluid.  Today in vitro fertilization is one of the most popular common and successful processes of fertilization which is done artificially. These have become one of the most common treatments for infertility and over the time, their success rates have increased.

IVF or in vitro fertilization is a particular type of reproductive treatment used for problems related to infertility. This is a type of assisted reproductive process where a fertilized ovum is implanted inside the surrogate’s uterus. This results in having a child, which is  not related to the surrogate, genetically. Some countries banned the IVF treatment and some regulated it. IVF treatments are hugely restricted due to extreme high costs and age problems.

 The rate of success of IVF treatment process depends on various factors such as age of the mother, reason of infertility, status of embryo, reproductive history, status of lifestyle and various other similar types of problems.

Due to huge developments and advancements in technology of reproductive science, in today’s recent time and date, success rates of in vitro fertilization are in vitro fertilization quite high than couple of years back. Use of drugs are not allowed in the treatment that can hyper stimulate the ovary, but drugs can be used for suppression of ovulation, if required.

Mild IVF is defined a process in which a tiny dosage of stimulating drugs for ovaries are used on the candidate, for a short period of time. Mild IVF is considerably cheaper other various conventional methods or procedures of IVF treatments. This process also reduces the risk of OHSS and multiple gestation.

Though menopause is considered a natural barrier to any further future conception by the couple, IVF treatment can make woman of any age to be pregnant.

Making it possible for women to conceive and get pregnant and have children, past their natural prime time is considered to be a huge and important factor to the issues considering overpopulation. Through the process of PGD, children who are born through the procedure of IVF have much higher life expectancy rates. Thus, IVF increases the life expectancy rates and decreases death rate, which ultimately results in increased population.

Same-sex couples, single and unmarried parents

IVF, nowadays is being extensively used by lesbians as wells as other LGBT couples. This has made them possible to have children, raise a family and live a normal life. It has also become a popular means to have children for single parents. IVF is very popular and is becoming quite common even in a developing third world country like India. There are many top IVF centres in India, where IVF treatments are done effectively by trained and experienced professionals.

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