Introducing Your New Business to The World

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Establishing an office for your new start-up company can frustrating, overwhelming, and expensive, but really exciting nonetheless. As a young entrepreneur in Australia, you may have solid business goals that are backed by innovative ideas and strategies.

However, opening your own office is a work on a different level. Since establishing an office is not only about groundbreaking ideas but both mental and physical effort as well. You may expect to personally meet different contractors, office designers, contractors, among other professionals. You may also expect to do office furniture pieces hunting, rounding retail stores, online office supplies stores, and even garage sales, and of course, an HR professional. Simply put, you may have to double your efforts when establishing or constructing your office.

One of the common mistakes young entrepreneurs who start their own office commit is hiring unskilled and amateur professionals for the office construction. Since a common weak point of young businessmen is experience in dealing with more seasoned professionals, they may commit trivial to major mistakes like spending too much on office construction. Hence, if you don’t want to fail in your office establishment, it is best that you learn a tip or two about hiring reliable and honest contractors and designers.

Before hiring any contractor or interior designer, you may want to consider the tips below so as not to waste time, investments, and effort.

Know what you need – According to an HR professional, the first step you would want to achieve is to know what your would-be office will need. Determine how many desks, chairs, computer sets, bookshelves, couches, filing cabinets, and other office furniture and equipment. You should also determine what type of office you want: will it be an office with laid-back environment, or an office with formal atmosphere? Determining these factors is important before contacting contractors as it will set the mood of the construction.

Know your budget – Another important factor to consider when constructing an office is your budget. The project will not push through without funding. It is vital to know how much you are willing to shell out for the construction or office fit out. When you already know how much your budget is, it is easier to make a shortlist of possible contractors. Additionally, it is easier to negotiate with contractors since you already know your budget.

Make a shortlist of possible contractors – Having a shortlist of possible contractors is very helpful since you will save time from contacting other contractors that you don’t feel like hiring. You can make a shortlist by asking for your colleagues’ or friends’ referrals or looking for contractors on the Internet. There are many classifieds sites in Australia that you can visit.

Compare rates and services – After having a shortlist of contractors, compare their rates, subsequently choosing at least three possible contractors. Focus on these three contractors and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of hiring each single one of them. In addition to rates, compare the services offered. One contractor may charge higher but offers more extensive services from the others; you may choose this contractor because it will give you more leverage for a better office construction.

Do company background check – Before finalizing any deal with contractors, do a company background check. Review the contractor’s previous projects, years of experience, network of suppliers and other professionals, and feedback from former clients. This will help you determine whether or not that contractor is worth hiring.

Whether you are looking for a contactor or a supplier of office equipment, you should always resort to good decision-making. The last thing you want to encounter during the pre-construction phase of your office is to deal with bogus contractors and dishonest suppliers.

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