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fetal surgery

In terms of fetal surgery India, very few places in the country do go on to conduct the surgery. It is an open and safe procedure and before the baby is born it can save their life by the method of diagnosis. If you observe the fetal heart surgery in India you will come across the fact that the mother is being placed under general anaesthesia. At the same time you are given an epidural for pain control. In the midst of this the fetus is given medications so that the pain is under control and any movement is restricted as well.

The moment a surgery is about to take place a 10 inch incision is given to the abdomen of the mother which is followed by a 5 inch incision on the uterus. Here you need to avail the services of a specific device which deals with membrane separation and control bleeding. Into the uterus warm fluids are incorporated and this is done so that the levels of amniotic fluid are safe for the mother along with the baby. You can expect the surgery to be undertaken when the baby happens to be still in the womb. At the same time the uterus is closed.

Once the open surgery is undertaken, the mother would stay in the hospital for 5 days. It is till that point of time when you rule out the occurrence of complications. Here the mothers are being asked for more bed rest and at the same time the chances of preterm delivery during the tenure of pregnancy. You need to forbid from heavy lifting and only moderate levels of activity are suggested at this point of time. If the lady stays away in a different place, then it is suggested that they need to be with a dedicated care giver and for sure this is going to decrease the chances of preterm labour. Though in most cases the mothers can go on to carry the pregnancy till the term. In most cases the chances of an early delivery and this is between 34 to 35 weeks is going to be the norm as well. At the same time the surgical uterine decision is not going to heel. This would apply to a C section as well. This would prevent the would be mothers in having a natural course of pregnancy in the days to come as well. So it would mean that all future deliveries would be undertaken by C section.

Here based on the individual circumstances the course of an open fetal surgery is suggested. It is during the exit procedure the entire medical team works for the benefit of the mother along with that of the baby. In a lot of ways it would replicate the situation of an open fetal surgery. This would avoid the mothers for stepping into future natural pregnancies and a planned C section would be the need of the hour. This would be around 37 weeks of delivery as well.

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