How to deal with HIV or AIDs during pregnancy

How to deal with HIV or AIDs during pregnancy

As per medical reports the number of women who are affected with AIDs is on the rise. HIV /aids medicine could provide some relief. But the numbers of people who die are increasing day by day. A vast majority of women were affected with the virus during birth or pregnancy. The HIV could transfer from the mother to the baby through breast milk or delivery. This goes by the name of prenatal transmission. Though you can say that this works out to be one of the most common ways where the virus does pass on to the new born baby.

The main cause of AIDS works out to be the HIV virus. You cannot be suffering from AIDS and at the same time have HIV. They cannot develop AIDS for 10 years or even longer as well. If you are HIV positive you can transfer the virus to others through semen, blood or vaginal fluids. Once you come in contact with broken membranes the chances also increase. AIDS treatment during pregnancy needs timely intervention as well. If you are affected with AIDS you cannot fight off diseases like a normal person and the chances are that you might be prone to numerous infections at the same time. In fact certain types of cancer could pose a great threat to your life as well.

If a lady is affected with AIDS the chance of transmitting it to the baby is reduced if they try to stay as healthy as possible. If treatment can be provided it does reduce the chance of passing over the infection by as high as 2 %. If you are a lady who is planning to become pregnant or are pregnant then you would need to test yourself for HIV as soon as possible. It is not that a lady has to be tested, and the partner also has to be subject to routine testing at this point of time. It has been suggested that all women who are of child bearing age should be tested for HIV as soon as possible. If you are a woman who has not been tested before pregnancy then you need to be given counselling as well. The result of all the tests is available in a matter of an hour. In fact all the treatment for the baby should be positive as far as possible.

It seldom occurs that the HIV virus does pass over from the mother to the baby. This would be through the placenta. If a lady is healthy in all aspects, then the placenta acts as a form of protection for the developing baby. Till you find a complication arising it is suggested that you do not plan out a visit to the doctor. Here there would be a special counselling session. Here the importance of a healthy diet and the importance of nutrients along with iron will be explained in details. As part of the routine care your weight has to be in control.

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