How to choose between a loft & an apartment?

How to choose between a loft & an apartment

When in pursuit of a perfect home, it’s quite easy to get swept away in the charming details. From the amazing front porch to probably everything important, you’ll probably kick yourself later if price went above budget. Even with apartment living tips, learning about lofts and apartments is important so as to mould yourself accordingly.

Even touring multiple real estate openings each weekend will be a hassle and things can get more complicated. Now isn’t the time to sit easily and play lethargic but set your priorities and rationalize the quest for a perfect home, breathe later when matters are resolved.

Lofts are the rage nowadays as world moves on towards the modern design concepts apart from traditional structure. Apartments are usually multi-story buildings having two or three units on a single floor. The idea dates back to centuries when young men and women, especially students couldn’t afford to live independently in a villa-like home.

Whereas, owners of old factories and commercial buildings who prefer to live a conventional life devoid of all the modern technology transformed their residential accommodation known as lofts! Before going further, a word of favour for one company that excels in apartments rental in Dubai for providing such useful help on the topic. There’s always some confusion in mind regarding difference between both but things would be clear after going through the article so read on and get indulged.

Common resemblance

Primary purpose of both lofts and apartments is to provide individuals, roommates and families with seclusion. Price can be determined from size and location plus number of settlers. Basic amenities, fully furnished bath and kitchen, essential electronic appliances and living area are easily accessible as per apartment living tips alongside many others. More expensive lofts may have swimming pools, spas, fitness centres and common areas. These are some similarities you’ll find.

The distinction

Interior design of both apartment and lofts can easily be altered but when it comes to wall rearrangement of the latter, tenants are given a freehand to furnish as per likes. Apartment finishing such as placement of wires, coils and ducts is much cleaner mostly concealed behind drywall whereas plumbing and mechanical system in a loft are exposed. Both types of homes are usually found in urban areas but lofts are more commercialised.

Benefits of;

  • Lofts:

They provide wide living space which you can also utilize for office work. Biggest advantage is flexibility where tenants can organize personal living space, walls and divisions without any hassle. As lofts emerged from industrial background, ceilings are usually higher than usual while entire living area is well lit. Since they’re refurbished factories and commercialised buildings, you’ll likely find sturdy walls with brick construction and refinished hardwood flooring.

  • Apartments:

Customary flats comprise of individual rooms, divided by walls extending all the way from floor to ceiling. These are the best fit for families where wall separation provides ultimate privacy. Also if you need to share rent burden with a potential roommate while plummeting noise level, apartment is superlative choice thy far. As they’re built specifically from residential point of view, you can avail centralised heating, cooling and ventilation, proper accommodation for your electronic appliances as well.

Recognising lofts

The first thing you should look at is flooring which will resemble to a standardized apartment only it’ll be more open. Kitchen, living room and dining room are integrated under one roof quite similar to studio apartments.

Study photographs of industries that were converted into living accommodation having exposed beams and plumbing as well as compared details with common apartment living tips to identify the difference.

Money mooching agents might sell you a studio flat in name of a loft which makes it imperative for you to know common difference especially wider living space.

Design & décor

You can decorate the interior per likes when loft is concerned. Bring in multi-purpose furniture like sofa-come-bed, coffee tables with drawers and similar others to make the most out of investment especially with a constrained budget.


The dark veil concealing basic differences between apartment and loft has been lifted by the details above. So read thoroughly and benefit from valuable info.

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