How Should Artists Price their Paintings?

Do you know how many people search original art for sale or how many are seeking to explore diverse paintings on the internet? There are millions of them.

So, as an artist, all you have to do is to know how to capitalize on the best method to make your work reach the maximum of the relevant audience.

If you are an artist, you must be aware of the striven efforts that are involved in making one majestic piece of work. The last thing you want is to see your hard work goes in someone’s hand for a price lower than what you expected.

This blog is written with the intent to offer tips to the artists who often get confused on how to price their paintings. Will tagging a higher price will steer away the probable buyers? Or will selling it at a lower price will be selling your talent short?

The pain is real. Artists (may be you) often face this dilemma as the competition is really catching up the pace.

The days of worries are over! Let’s see how you as an artist should price your paintings:

Identify your own self

As an artist, always remember that it is you who decides what are you going to become in life. The work you do is special and impeccable in every sense.

Never ever doubt even for one second that the original art piece that you are creating is something which no one else can craft.

Remember, there are people who do not have time, ability, skill, and talent to create something original on their own. The paintings you brush up actually lit up their world with a flame of inspiration.

You as a painter might be sketching a hilly region trying to form an imitation of nature through colours and strokes of your brush. For others, it seems supernatural and fantastical to have that level of imagination and creativity.

You are gold. Believe it! Always have a clear vision of what your hard work values for; then only you can do justice to yourself and the art collector both.

Value and price are somehow connected

The world is a cruel place, where everyone is trying to survive by utilizing their skills and wisdom. You as an artist might have fixed some price for your painting, but things might get tough in the future.

Factors such as high competition, self-doubt, hesitation, and off the cuff comments can change your mind. You may start thinking to provide a discount.

Always remember, there is a similarity between business industry and art sector. A company can do anything to market their product if the sale is quantitative.

But, if the sale is qualitative, no firm will ever compromise with the price of the product.

In the same way, offering discount is a way to say that your hard work is not worth the price. This is what will be perceived by the art collectors too.

Be patient, and comfortable when someone asks you for a discount. Since you have that creative flair, tell them what you are selling is not a product or service, but a feeling of joy and inspiration. This is priceless.

Also, remember that may be 9 people in a row would not agree to buy your paintings straightaway because of the higher price, but there will be the 10th one; one who will understand the value in your work and thus will be ready to offer you the price.

Don’t let comparisons let you down

When you put an original art for sale online, you know for obvious reasons that there will be competition. There will be other people who are selling same paintings form for a different price.

Like if you come across someone selling the same form of artwork for a price that is lesser than what you are offering, what would you do?

Never panic! Slashing the price of your artwork because your competition is offering it a curtailed price is not the way artists do business.

Remember always, there will be people who are going to charge more and less than you. It should not affect your judgement. Original art for sale is kept on the basis of the word ‘original’.

Always price your work only on the basis of the value that you thrust in it along with the cost of materials. Always stick to your judgement. You value what you think you do!


Instances, when someone is raising a question on the price of your artwork, are always going to come in front of you. Be prepared.

Try to tell the purchaser what value your painting holds. Pour your heart out telling how the artwork is going to offer them an originality.

Also, you can always tell the art lover how your paintings can be a solid investment for the future.

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