How Does An FUE Hair Transplant Work?

FUE Hair Transplant

The want for the advanced hair transplantation treatments has experienced a dramatic evolution since decades. Latest techniques giving a permanent solution to baldness, hair thinning, etc. are given thumbs up by millions of people. Of them, FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is one of the most popular procedures. In Turkey, many national and international people receive FUE treatment conducted by ace surgeons.

Generally, a transplantation process like FUE involves taking hair from one part and transferring it to the desired part that needs hair. In the typical process, hair is collected from the back of the head, but, in deserving cases, hair is also taken from other parts of the body.

The popular FUE hair transplant procedures in Turkey performed by qualified surgeons who boast accurate skills to do the procedure flawlessly. 

Let us get the knowledge of how FUE hair transplant does work:

  • Prior to the transplant, the respective surgeon sterilises, and numb the specific area using an anaesthetic. This area is the donor from where the hair will be collected. Many clients are given sedation so that they can stay asleep during the treatment.
  • The transplantation process involves individual hair follicles to be taken out and repositioned into small incisions that are made in the patient’s scalp or the body part wherever the hair needs to be transplanted.
  • No cuts and stitches are involved in the popular FUE hair transplant procedures in Turkey. No trace of operation in the backside area is noticed after a short period of the operation.
  • The FUE is grounded on the principle of extraction and preparation if individual hair follicle.
  • Coining in simple terms, in the process of FUE, the hair follicles that can stand spillage are used. The selected hair follicles collected from the nape area are separated properly as per the direction and length. Optimum care is being taken for avoiding the damage of the hair follicles.
  • After the completion of the hair grafts’ separation, the channels in the region of the planned hair transplant are started to be opened for the hair follicles. The separated hair roots are carefully positioned one by one into these particular channels.
  •  The clients are freed after around thirty minutes following the treatment.
  • Complete recovery can take approximately seven to ten days. Little discomfort or swelling may be experienced during this period. Aftercare instructions are given to the clients that are mandatory to follow for healthy recovery.
  • Few months can take for a noticeable cosmetic difference. After the FUE hair transplantation, new hair will start to grow in approximately three or four months.

The duration of the entire operation of the popular FUE hair transplant procedures in Turkey depends mostly on the hair follicles’ number that is required to be planted. The successful outcomes of FUE hair transplant render natural looking hairline and density of hair without donor linear scarring to the clients.

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