How can BPO firms offer pristine Omnichannel Experience to Customers?

A few years ago, omnichannel was mere a buzzword but today everyone is familiar with it. From the business’s perspective, providing quality support service across all the channels is so important because that time has gone when handling customer service queries on one channel was enough.

Nowadays, business owners want to enhance the omnichannel experience of customers. For the same reason, call center business outsourcing companies get approached. As per the industry reports, companies retain 89% of customers when they provide an astounding support service via all the channels such as telephone, social media, SMS, chat, etc.

Take a look at following pointers that will tell how BPO firms can offer pristine omnichannel experience to the customers:

Proper training is vital

In order to provide an immaculate omnichannel experience, it is significant to have a team of proficient support agents. This factor is vitally important because agents’ skills always decide the quality of customer service.

Therefore, it is crucial for call center business outsourcing companies to provide top-notch training to agents so that the latter can assist customers in the best possible manner.

During the training session, it is paramount to make each and every agent familiar with leading-edge technology so as to provide customers with a first-rate support service without any hassle.

It would be cherry on the cake if agents get assigned to channels according to their skills. For instance, if an agent has an extrovert personality, he/she could do a better job on the voice channel.

Consistency matters

In this hyper-competitive world, you can win the hearts of customers by consistently providing phenomenal support service.

Do you know 60% of customers prefer voice channel whenever they come in need of support service? Apart from personal touch, there is one other factor that makes telephone channel more preferable; ‘High availability of support agents.’

Handling 60% of customers on one channel could give a vexing experience. Plus, the quality of customer service may also get compromised.

In a nutshell, BPO firms should provide the same level of customer service across all the channels to ensure success and growth.

Study customer feedback

Sometimes we try so hard to make things perfect. The good news is that there has always been a room for improvement. In order to enhance the omnichannel experience of customers, BPO firms should always try to improve. For this, what is better than the customer feedback?

BPO firms solicit feedback from customers after every interaction. After getting survey results, BPO firms often put their focus on studying positive reviews so as to streamline those factors that customers appreciated.

But to win customers’ hearts, it is paramount for BPO firms to give negative reviews more attention. It is so because negative feedback can tell about those customer expectations that the company fails to meet. Needless to say, the better omnichannel experience could be provided easily if the loopholes of all the channels get eliminated.

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