Guide on choosing Mother of Bride Dress

Mother of Bride Dress

Choosing a dress for the wedding is very difficult especially if it is a wedding of someone close to you because then you have to look good and be there for their special day. This stress even increases when you are the mother of the bride and to look perfect on your daughter’s big day is very important for you so to make sure of that you need to find a beautiful dress for yourself. This is so you can look good at her wedding day pictures and whenever she looks back to her wedding day she will look at how beautiful you looked and how happy you were for her. Being a bride one time has made you realize how important it is for a bride to have her mom by her side.

Here is the guide on choosing the best dress for your daughter’s wedding day

Consult the bride

Whichever guide you see for choosing mother of the bride dresses you will see the first thing they tell you is to consult the bride. It is because she being the younger one knows more about the fashion and also she will know which type of dress you look better in and this way she will be able to give you the right suggestion. This will also help you in such a way because she must have thought of something for you she has imagined this day a hundred times in her own head. If you are a plus size woman then she might know which type of the plus size mother of the bride dresses you need to look for.

Colour of dress

The colour of the dress is very important and since most of the weddings have a colour theme so it becomes even more important. You need to wear a colour that matches the theme. Usually, mother of bride go for the lighter colours like pastels but if you want to look bold and don’t want to draw too much attention on yourself then choose the colours like burgundy, plum colour, and navy blue. This way you will look bold but just about your own age. You can choose something with light embellishments but that depends on which type of wedding is it.

Seasonal dresses

Considering the season in which the wedding is being held is very important because if it is an autumn wedding then you need to wear colours according to that ad in spring you can choose something floral and classy. If it is a winter wedding a velvet gown will be the very perfect choice for you or a silk gown with a faux fur cape. For summers you can settle on soft cotton or something made of chiffon.

Coordinating with the groom’s mother

Coordinating with the groom’s mother is very important because this way you will know what stuff you need to wear. Since the wedding theme is the same for both of you so it may be of great help and this will also help you bond.

This is how you need to look for the bride of mother dresses.

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