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Affordable Taxi Services

The airport transfer direct as the name suggests is the best taxi service provider of taxis to airport working in all the major locations of the world. They excel in giving the most professional ando courteous service to the customers.  Their cancellation policy, lower costs, flight tracking, professional drivers, range of vehicles makes them stand out from the crowd.

They are confident in accepting that they provide the best cost-effective service in the market, you can also take a quote from their website if you want to compare the prices with other service providers.  The prices quoted are fixed as per distance from the location to airport, passengers, and luggage and the car chosen by the customer. Higher grade cars will cost more than cars relatively lower grade.

Regarding pick up from the designated location, the driver will reach the location 5-10 minutes ahead of designated time to avoid causing any inconvenience to the customer. The extra time taken by the customer from the time specified during booking will be taken as a mistake by the customer and not the driver if the flight is missed. The luggage will be handed over to the customer at the entry gate of the airport, thereon it is the responsibility of the customer, and the driver will not carry the luggage to the terminal for the customer.

Payments will be done in cash to the driver only, but if you want to pay in advance it can be arranged. Tipping the driver is not mandatory; it depends on the customer if he wants to tip the driver according to the service provided by airport direct service driver.

The cars provided by them will be different according to the country as in some countries certain class of car may not be available; in that case, the customer can choose from the options available. It is guaranteed that there will be no compromise in the quality of service provided to the customers in transfers.

 The countries where the taxi to the airport is available are Austria,  Belgium,  Denmark, Egypt, France, Georgia, Germany, Italy,  Mauritius, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, UK, The USA and various other countries of Europe, North America and Asia.

Their USP lies in giving the best service to the customer and making his journey comfortable and memorable. The level of professionalism of the chauffeurs and low-cost transfer service is what makes their organization one of the best in the world.

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