Four vital factors to consider while buying a lever or a chain block

chain block

If you have a plan to buy a chain block or a lever block, first you are supposed to understand their usefulness. This means that you have to evaluate the reason for buying these blocks. This will not only allow you to make your job simple and effortless. It will also allow you to reap the real benefits of these machines, besides offering the real value of your money spending on buying them.

  1. Decide the type of the blocks

Both the chain, as well as the lever blocks comes in a range of sizes, models, and capacities. Therefore, decide whether you want to lift or down the loads or to drag or pull the loads. If the former is your job need, then you can buy a branded chain block to fulfill your needs. If later is your job, you can go for the lever versions.

  1. Consider the Capacity of the blocks

While buying chain blocks, you have to consider the load bearing capacity of the device. This means that you should not exceed the recommended load bearing capacity of the machine while attaching the loads to the hook.

If your option is a lever block, then you have to consider the pulling capacity of the mechanism.

Both models come in a range of capacities according to your job specifications, so decide one that best fits your job needs.

  1. Distance of loads

Lift distance or pull is one of the major factors you have to consider while buying the blocks that are attached with a chain. When you decide to buy a chain block, the lift distance is a constraint from where the chain of the block will be installed to where the consignment will be picked. Therefore, prior to choosing the right block, first, you are supposed to compute this distance, or else, the chain may not be exploitable.

Similarly, while choosing a lever block, you have to consider the safer distance from which the loads have to be dragged with much lesser effort and safely.

  1. Type of suspension

Actually, the suspension is the way the chain block will be suspended. Here, you have two options, which is, you can choose either the hook suspension or the lug suspension. The lug suspension option is more frequently available on nearly all blocks, which is appropriate during situations where there is insufficient headroom for working with the block.

Whatever type of blocks you want to buy, it is better and more lucrative to buy them at a reliable and reputable online store, such as This will not only assist you greatly in getting the most durable machines but also at a reasonable cost.

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