Fix: Netgear Wireless-N Router Has no Power While New Extender Setup

Are you facing connectivity issues in your home or office network and planning to replace your current networking equipment? If so, Netgear WiFi range extender is the ultimate solution for you. It lets you chuck out annoying connectivity problems which users generally experience while being in dead zones. Once users are done with new extender setup Netgear, then they need to configure it with the main access point.

Netgear wireless-N routers provide faster speed of Internet between the range of 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Nevertheless, if its firmware is not up-to-date or it is not properly connected to an electrical outlet, it won’t turn on. These devices are powered with an adapter. In case your wireless-N router has no power while performing new WiFi extender setup, just hop on our post to resolve this issue and maximize your device’s performance. Let’s jump in.

  1. Check the electrical socket

First and foremost, you will need to test the electrical outlet in which you have plugged in your device. There will be some LED lights on the front of wireless-N router. In case they are not blinking, it means the power adapter is not connected to socket. Before turning your equipment on, check the power adapter that comes along with your access point when you purchase it.

So, plug it in properly and then press power button. In case the test or power LED light doesn’t become visible, opt for a different socket. Sometimes, there’s a tripped circuit breaker in the electrical panel which causes in shutting down the sockets in a specific room.

In order to check whether the outlet is culprit or not, it’s recommended to connect another device to it. If that equipment doesn’t turn on, it means your outlet is causing issues. So, opt for a different one.

  1. Power adapter

A large amount of Netgear wireless-N routers make use of 12V DC and 2.5A power adapters. If your adapter is not working properly, your device will not be powered on. In this case, you should replace it with a new one. In accordance with Netgear, LED lights typically power up for around 5-10 seconds prior to shutting down. Nonetheless, if they continue to lit, maybe its firmware is having technical glitches. So, update the router to the latest version. You can head over to website to know whether there is any new update available or not.

  1. Update router firmware

Is your device still not powering on after following above methods? Maybe its firmware is causing the issue. As per Netgear, if test or power LED light keeps on to blink gradually, the device’s firmware is facing issues while upgradation process. Always keep your equipment up-to-date. All you have to do is just visit mywifiext and check update section. If there is any new update available, install and download it right away.

  1. Reset your router

If all else fails, resetting your device can resolve this problem. As resetting will restore all default values removing your setting changes, so consider it as a last resort. This function is basically intended for troubleshooting hardware issues which obstruct in the normal operation.

Prior to resetting your device, press power button back and forth to check if it turns on. In case it doesn’t enable, long press reset button located at the back or bottom side. As it is hidden and very small, so it’s recommended to use a tiny object like a paper clip to push it. Once done, all your customizations in settings will be wiped out. To make changes as per your choice, log in to new extender setup page by entering default username and password. Now, you can play with router settings with great ease.

If the device is not working in the way it should, contact Netgear experts for extra troubleshooting and possible repair. Don’t forget to share your own tips in the comments section below.

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