Everything about Peptide bonds

Peptide bonds

Peptides are the polymers which are made up of the monomer units. These monomer units are the amino acids these are very potent and effective to be used in the field if medical and research. Monomer unit’s amino acids are linked together to form the polymers peptides. These bear very significant role in the field of medicines. These are formed by the condensation process where water molecules are liberated. Amino acids have two group’s carboxylic group and the amine group, due to the presence of these groups’ amino acids are bipolar in nature. It means amino acids have the two reacting sites one is carboxylic acid and the other is amine group.

These are really very potent and safe to be used. Carboxylic acid(-COOH) group of one amino acid reacts with the basic group of other amino acid thus the resulting structure is amide bond. This bond is also called as the peptide bond, in this way formation of a peptide bond takes place. (-CONH-) is peptide bond, it is also known as the amide bond. Peptides play very important role in the body system. All the functions of the body are controlled by the hormones, which are also peptides in nature. Peptides are the digestive enzymes which degrade the complex molecules to the simpler one. These peptides are really very useful and very effective in order to use as medicines.

Their activity in the body is very low thus they exhibit fewer side effects. This property of the peptide bond is due to the selective and specific nature of thee peptide molecule, these are specific means, and these will act on the specific site of the body and not on other body parts. It is very essential and eloquent clinical tool. Being easily assessable it is used in drug designing and drug development, thus readily used in the pharmaceutical companies. Formation of a peptide bond is also very easy. As we have already studies that it can be synthesized in assessable laboratory conditions. Biologically peptides are formed in the ribosomes during a process called translation. Ribosomes are smaller organelles which have two sub units and these are potent in forming the peptide structure and also bring about the formation of the protein molecule. Insulin hormone is also a peptide which is given the diabetic patients. In many diagnostic procedures peptides are also formed. Thus peptides bear multifaceted characteristics to be used in medicinal field.

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