Dos and don’ts of pregnancy

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Pregnancy is no walk in the park. Pregnancy is basically nine months of pure agony. Both physical and mental. Pregnancy would absolutely exhaust you to the point where you would be at risk of becoming depressed. Postpartum depression is not uncommon in women after giving birth. The first time you become pregnant and have your child is the most difficult time. Being pregnant is not like it is portrayed in the movies. It is absolutely different. It is not all roses and peaches. Pregnancy takes a toll on your body. And after your child is born your responsibilities actually increase. So it is better to be absolutely sure that you want to become a parent and can handle the enormous responsibility that parenting is before trying to conceive. One thing that is for sure is that pregnancy and parenting are both very difficult.

While you are pregnant your body’s immune system gets weakened and thus your body becomes susceptible to several diseases which otherwise your body could have prevented on its own. The medicines you need to take for regular diseases are different while you are pregnant. That is why self-administration of medicine while you are pregnant is absolutely forbidden. You should consult your doctor regarding which is the best medicine for pregnancy before doing anything yourself. Taking the doctors advice for every step that you take while pregnant is a good idea since you have to care not only for yourself but the baby growing inside of you as well. The things that you should be doing while you are pregnant are:

  • Eating healthy. It is best to ask your doctor to make a diet chart for you and follow that to the letter. Sometimes it is good to keep cheat days as well just to keep yourself fresh and happy.
  • Exercising: Exercising is a very important aspect of pregnancy. This would help you keep yourself fit and not get sore due to the fact that you are pregnant. This would also help you keep your mind fresh. Keep in mind though you should not overwork yourself at all.
  • Keep your loved ones close since you never know when you might need them if an emergency occurs.
  • Try to do things that are not stressful and keep yourself occupied. It is very important to keep your mind fresh.

The things that you absolutely should not be doing while pregnant are drinking and smoking since these affect the baby growing inside you badly. This being a very delicate stage for the baby drinking or smoking might cause irreparable damage. Administering medication for yourself is also a bad idea. It is a good idea to ask your doctor to make you a pregnancy medication listso that you know what to do in case an emergency arises. One thing that you should do while your pregnant and before your child is born is that you should renew your old budget since that would be null and void due to the addition of another member to your family.

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