Does drinking alcohol have an impact on your chances of becoming pregnant?

drinking alcohol have an impact on your chances of becoming pregnant

For a woman becoming pregnant is a stepping stone. Becoming pregnant is not easy as it may sound. This is all the more so when two individuals are trying to have a baby. A lot of changes in terms of lifestyle and sacrifices are made before you go on to have a baby. A lot of changes in your life are expected when you are planning to have a baby. For example cigarettes are a strict no for both man and a woman when they are trying to become pregnant. Now a lot of questions have been posed whether alcohol in early pregnancy or alcohol after pregnancy could pose an issue.

Could alcohol go on to pose an issue with female fertility?

Here we will try to figure out on how alcohol can have an impact on a female when they are trying to conceive. Now the question is does alcohol has an impact on fertility levels? Yes has to be the answer as in a negative manner it effects reproductive system of females. For a heavy drinker it could pose problems like ovulation, mensuration without which pregnancy might not take place. The lining of uterine could be affected which makes it difficult for a fertilized egg to be implanted. This means that hormonal levels of your body are thrown off.

The harmful effects are not restricted to heavy drinkers- even moderate drinkers of alcohol face issues. Studies suggest that women who consume 5 glasses of drinks are likely to face issues with fertility as compared to non-drinkers. In no way it means that a woman is going to take a long time to consume, it is just that the process could be prone to complications.

Alcohol affects each one in a different way and there is nothing as moderate consumption of alcohol. A golden rule to follow is not to consume alcohol at all which means that your reproductive system is in pristine condition. If a woman had issues with conceiving before it is imperative that they stay away from drinks when they are trying to become pregnant. Because it may make  it really difficult for the lady to become pregnant.

Even when a woman relies on assisted methods to overcome fertility issues then also problems are posed. The same philosophy holds true here that even IVF will not yield desired results if you are into drinks.

In order to have a baby it is better to stay away from drinks altogether. Just stop before 3 months once you are planning to conceive as it will not have any effect on your baby.

To conclude conception is not something where a woman’s role is important, but a man has an equal say in this regard. Pay equal attention to the health of your partner when you are trying to conceive. Consumption of alcohol effects fertility levels of a man so it is better that you stay away from it when trying to conceive.

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