Is there any difference between Outbound Call and Telemarketing?

Outbound Call and Telemarketing

Before reaching to the above question let’s look into the details about outbound calls and what is telemarketing services?

Outbound calls

Many business owners, in fact, the diverse audience describe outbound calling as a disruptive concept. However, we still continue to practice the practical method of cold calling every now and then. The reason to employ the practice of outgoing call within an organisation is to stay in touch with customers all over the world, using various medium of communication such as social media, through content, email marketing and so on.

To define a trusted outbound call centre is quite simple. It is the call centre where agents make outgoing calls to patrons or customers on behalf of an organisation to promote or sell products and services. Generally, the outbound calling facility is used to reap sale items, because if you don’t promote the product how will the audience know about it.

Cold-calling is the most simplest and the easiest way to gather patrons, who would like to seek brands that are beneficial according to their requirements. Moreover, agents making outgoing calls to their prospective clients or current customers are trained to handle highly technological devices to provide each customer a seamless call experience. Some technologies that are extensively used in an outbound contact centre are predictive dialing system, call recording software applications, call centre monitoring software, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) etc.

Some of the most prevalent operations of an outbound customer support centre facilities are:

  1. Provide dedicated customer services
  2. Make sales to fresh customers
  3. Renewal offers to the existing customers
  4. Cross-selling and up-selling sales calls to the current customers
  5. Collecting debt
  6. Conduct surveys regarding customer satisfaction
  7. Research market
  8. Booking and setting appointment

Telemarketing services

The rough and tough market competition has made telemarketing services the best approach to generate business evolution since past two decades. Marketers using ethical and logical telemarketing tactics can be a vital tool to escalate productivity, performance, and improvement within an organisation. Telemarketing services are regarded to be a beneficial marketing practice because it has the quality of providing a human touch to every virtual medium, dedicated lead generation services, patron relationship nurturing, accumulating prospects, and most importantly it is cost-effective than any other marketing methods.

Difference between outbound calls and telemarketing

“Is there any difference between outbound calls and telemarketing?”

The answer is “No”, telemarketing is a subset of outbound calls. Outbound contact centres located in every nooks and corner of the world typically provides telemarketing services. With the help of fresh technology and software tools, outbound contact centre provides telemarketing services to their patrons in order to build a relationship with a recent customeron behalf of an organisation to nurture existing customers.

Prominent outbound call centre providing telemarketing amenities typically deals with selling items or services on behalf of an actual third-party business partner. Other than telemarketing services some other services provided by an outbound contact centre are verification surveys, appointment setting, and collecting debts.

Many organisations are against the outbound marketing call tactics because of its corny aspects of cold-calling. But you cannot refute the fact that they provide remarkable customer help by initiating calls from the company.

How can outbound contact centres help your business?

Most outbound call centre allows companies to build a personal image with the customer. Strict and gape call centre script could drive-in mental pressure for agents, therefore, undertaking an unrestrained calling technique will definitely allow customers to open up. Innovative and fresh ideas helpimpeccable outbound contact centre reach the target audience and help caller’s solve their complicated and technical problems.

Further to this, the services available from an immaculate outbound call centre can retain the service level and efficiency of the organisation. Cloud based call centre solutions and predictive dialer system used by call centres help businesses maintain their sales record and outbound calling representatives to improve productivity up to 100%.

Companies, especially the small and mid-sized industry thrive to establish an effective communication between customer and organisation. The employees of an industry and the call centre representatives must be on the same page to manage operations. Most importantly the pioneer representatives of the company must constantly engage with the third-party service provider to learn their requirements and serve them from time to time to build reasonable expectations.

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