Dead Tree Got You Stumped?

Dead Tree Got You Stumped

While there are a lot of preventative measures to keep your trees from dying sometimes it simply is not meant to be. When a tree dies what happens? Do you let it rot? Surely it is biodegradable. Alas, a dead tree must be removed because:

  • Dead trees attract pests. While birds may still build a nest in a dead tree, it is more likely that it will be rats and termites and it is not a long journey to your doorstep.
  • No one wants to see a dead tree. Your neighbors may find it an eyesore and it can affect the resale value of your home and the value of your neighbor’s homes.
  • Whatever killed your tree is still lurking in your yard. I can spread to the flowers planted beneath it and then to the lawn around it.
  • Trees are already a hazard during a storm. Once a tree is dead branches can fall off without wind. In a storm, a dead tree can fall over damaging your home, your car, and anything/anyone in its path.

Can I remove it myself?

There are countless blogs on D.I.Y. tree removal and that is all well and good. If you choose to do it yourself you need a myriad of equipment and several days. Most of these blogs start after the tree has been cut down so add at least a day to that. Or you could call in a professional company like Michael Tree Services and not stress about it.

Cutting the tree down from top branches to the base of the tree can get a bit scary. With trained professionals, the danger is decreased and the efficiency is increased. With a team of tree care specialist, a dirty job can be kept neat and organized. When it comes time to remove the stump it will be done swiftly and left as if it were never there.

What do I do once it is gone?

Once the stump has been removed, if it was done by Michael Tree Service then you can do something else with that space. This is a full-service company and you can even plan the next stage of your landscaping venture before, during or after the extraction.

Can the wood be used as firewood?

That is certainly an option. It is a service provided by the company and can be discussed at the time you schedule your estimate. As long as it is dry enough by the time you burn it there should be no problem burning it in your fireplace or fire pit.

Is this going to mess up any existing landscaping I have?

When done professionally stump extraction does not damage the rest of your landscaping. Professionals know how to work around retaining walls and even power lines though if you have concerns you can contact the electric company for peace of mind.

You can either plan your life around removing a stump from your yard and hope everything turns out well or you can call us and we will take care of everything and even leave you with firewood for the winter. There are different packages to choose from lawn care to tree care.

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