How to Clean Over Racks and Barbeque Grill Quickly?

Barbeque Grill

Your barbeque grills and over racks are quite tough when it comes to cleaning. For sure, you can’t leave them in a self-cleaning oven cycle. These are impossible to scrub effectively. You would agree, these racks look extremely awful after a few throws and spills and can even lead to burning and bad smells charged gunk over times.

If you are wondering about How to Clean a BBQ grill and over racks quickly, here are some amazing tips that will help you cleaning them with almost no effort andyou’ll the result within few hours.

What you need?

  • Old towel
  • Soft sponge
  • Cleaning toothbrush
  • Laundry detergent (powered form)
  • Either a soft sponge or create toothbrush or both.
  • Dishwashing detergent
  • Bathtub

So let’s get cleaning;

Initial Cleaning Recipe

  • Lay the towel down on your bath tub, this will protect the surface from being scratched by the racks or even the powdered detergent. It’s necessary so just don’t miss it.
  • Take the dirty racks & barbecue grills and just place them on top of the towel.
  • Then plug the drain and fill the tub with the hot water. Let the tub fill into the water completely covers the racks. Hot water is important as it will help break down all the grease alongside the detergent.It will cool over time but the initial blast should aggressive a little bit.
  • Take a Cup of the laundry detergent or the dish detergent and have it dissolved in some hot water. Then add it to the tub to ensure the product is broken down well. Moreover, sprinkle it a little bit more separate on the bottom of the towel so that way you get a little bit more stuff to work with you.
  • Now let the detergent do its thing for the next six to ten hours it’s probably just best to leave it be overnight and given enough time to really loosen that greasing grime.
  • Leave it for about 6 hours then

Here comes the Next Phase

At this point we need to wipe off any remaining residue. It should come off quite easily for which you can use the cleaning toothbrush, soft sponge or cloth to get into those space. And then you’ll get a clean over rack.

But make sure you do the scrubbing for over 5-10 minutes and also use a little bit of the detergent.

Remember! Dish detergent is designed to work specifically on this type of grease. Soif you don’t have a powdered dish detergent, just go for it. In case you don’t have one, you must then go for the laundry detergent it’ll work just fine. Butstill your priority should be the dish detergent as it works much better.Ironically, don’t let the oven racks be left in the oven during the self-cleaning cycle as it will strip the chrome off the rack and permanently damage it. So just mind all these useful tips and have shining oven racks that are free of all the grime, gunk and any other stubborn dirt like that.



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