Check Out the Temples of Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is the most massive city of Gujarat and brags about its rich spots. Whether you talk about its historic vitality, contemporary significance or tourism attraction, the city is going to outshine all other cities.

Don’t forget that Mahatma Gandhi also spent a considerable time on this land of Ahmedabad.From historic spots to artistic monuments; splendid museums to beautiful spiritual destinations, the city caters everything. Just do your booking in the best resort in Gujarat and have a great time. For now, have a look at the following temples!

Swaminarayan Temple: A phenomena

The charisma of its structure, chalky white building, outstanding panaches and outstanding patterns make Swaminarayan Temple a marvel of advanced India. It is certainly one of the most cherished and top tourist places in this city. The temple portrays the splendour of Indian tradition and culture.The spotless and clean arrangement of this temple premises is worth seeing. Well-known for their gorgeous architectures and engaging carvings, it is the foremost of numerous Swaminarayan Temples around the globe. The temple is endowed with so much of charm, artistic aura, spiritual abundance and tranquil feel. You can find a great rush of devotees and the rush is especially brimming during the times of festivals and events.

ISKCON Temple: Beauty at its best

ISKCON Temple is dedicated to Krishna and Radha. The temple also has idols of various other gods of Hindu mythology. The superb temple is also known as Hare Krishna Mandir. It displays the architectural patterns of Rajasthani Khamira and Gujarat Sompura. ISKCON temple is located on a scattering four-acrelands brimmed with gorgeous gardens, fresh fountains and gorgeous flora. The pilgrims and devotees visit the temple in a large number and not only the religious souls but otherwise too, people go to this spot for its beauty, charm and tranquillity.

The whole ambience fills the visitors with amazing glee and charm. Don’t forget that the pattern, architecture and chic of the beautiful prayer room; the walls, evening and morning aarti of this temple will give you an artistic and blessed walk.


The temple is dedicated to Swaminarayan and it is the most prolific example of present day architecture and chic. The Akshardham has been believed to be a spot of enlightenment, education and amusement too. More than two million individuals are assessed to visit this temple every single year. The main attractions of this temple are its ten-storey lofty golden idol of Swaminarayan and the whole artistic look. The temple has a peaceful, chic and spiritual ambience.

Huthising Jain Temple

The temple was constructed by a Jain Merchant named HuthisingKesarsing in year 1850. The temple is situated outside the Delhi Gate. Huthising Jain Temple is formed of marble and it is dedicated to Dharmanath. The marbles are specifically carved and the beautiful paved courtyard of the temple has fifty-two cubicles that have shrines devoted to different Tirthankara’s. It is a peaceful and artistic place for visitors and spiritual buffs.

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