Calm Down Your Smaller Passengers: How to Put Your Kids to Sleep on a Plane

Calm Down Your Smaller Passengers

Indeed, vacation is all about relaxation and leisure. However, to get such relief you need to be able to get to your destination first. Of course, everyone wants to have a flight that’s hassle and stress-free. Who wouldn’t want that? But when you bring your kids with you, it may seem next to impossible.

It can be a very challenging task to please them and help them sleep on a plane, most especially if it takes several hours to get to your destination. Sure, falling asleep is not that always simple when you are traveling, especially for toddlers.  But with a little planning and a few helpful gadgets, there’s no doubt that you can put your kids to sleep on a plane.

For a little help, read the guide below on how to help your kids sleep on planes. Check them out!

Book Evening Flights or Red Eye Flights 

Evening flights and red-eye flights are the best and recommended types of flights for your kids since they tend to feel sleepy and less excited during nighttime. Red-eye flights are those flights that depart at night and don’t land at their target place until the next day. Night flights are the last trips that leave the air terminal for the day.

Be sure to go for a window seat for your toddler as your kid will feel more secure and safe since he or she can sit between you and the wall. Sitting in the window seat is also a big help because your child can place a pillow on the wall and lean on it, giving him or her a comfortable flying experience.

Eye Masks 

In most cases, kids need thorough darkness to be able to sleep comfortably and soundly. In that case, your child might need to wear eye masks to achieve such darkness. Eye masks are urgently important, helping your child block all the distractions and light, to have that quality of sleep every child needs during flight. Eye masks also allow toddlers to sleep much longer.

But during overnight flights, you won’t need to wear sleep masks because planes usually generate a conducive sleep environment by switching all the lights off, making the shades drawn. Thus, eye masks are best worn in the morning when the lights arrived quickly.

Do Follow your Kid’s Bedtime Routine 

Calm Down Your Smaller Passengers
Do Follow your Kid’s Bedtime Routine

Even though you’re up in the air, do follow or adhere your kid’s bedtime routine. By that we mean, doing the hustle and bustle your little one’s typical bedtime routine would include. For example, reading bedtime stories, brushing his or her teeth, and changing clothes.

So while you’re up in the air and if you think that it’s time to go to bed, summon your child to get ready for bed. Help your little one go to the washroom to brush his or her teeth, help your child to get into his or her pajamas, and don’t forget to read him or her a bedtime story once you returned to your seat. Moreover, be sure to switch off all the gadgets that can distract or disrupt your child’s sleep.

Do some Activities 

Do Follow your Kid’s Bedtime Routine 
Do some Activities

To keep your child entertained, be sure to take or carry some activities for him or her. In the event where your little one doesn’t want to sleep during the entire flight, then there is probably nothing that the flight crews and fellow passengers can do about it. As such, you should not insist on doing something either.

In such case, give your kids some activities to do while you’re up in the air. You can let him or her play with a tablet, read a book, watch an in-flight movie, and even walk with you throughout the aisles.

Milk and Sugar-free Snacks 

Before bed gives your little one some warm milk. As we all know, milk is a great and best source of tryptophan. Tryptophan is a sleep-stimulating substance that can aid your little one to get a deep, sound sleep, even on a plane.

While you give him or her warm milk, be sure to stay away from giving him or her a snack that has a great amount of sugar. Keep in mind that sugar can provide your kid a boost of energy. With that said, make sure to bring sugar-free snacks for little one. Consider giving him or her a sugar-free oatmeal cookie since it releases carbohydrate that’ll be less likely to upset your kid’s tummy.


If you’re bringing your kids to travel with you, you may be anxious about annoying or bothering your fellow passengers when your child will not fall and stay asleep on the plane. Fortunately, there are a handful of things that you can do to aid in preparing your child to fall asleep while in the air.

Follow the guide above to make your travel experience smoother and pleasant. Also, you can opt to visit any online stores such as Deal Wiki to see a wide range of products that can potentially help your child get a good rest on the plane.

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