Why Buying Single Estate Tea Online is a Smart Idea?

Estate Tea Online

Tea lovers would swear by the traditional loose leaf tea brewing. You can also try shifting from your tea bags to the loose tea varieties as the aroma and taste is simply mind blowing.

You must have heard many a times that the loose leaf is better than the tea bags, but have you ever wondered why so? This article will give you all the reasons as to why you should switching from tea bags to single estate tea. Read on and find it out yourself.

The superiority of the loose leaf tea can be better understood with the differences given here. The best part is that you can buy tea online in Australia like any other product. Check out the reasons before you make up your mind.

  • Loose leaf tea is also known as whole leaf tea. It is called so as the loose tea is made from the whole leaf of the tea. You can get this from the unbroken leaf. The tea bags on the other hand, are made up of broken pieces of the leaf. They are made from the dust or the fannings, which are the broken or the left out ones. This generally affects the aroma and flavour of the tea. So whole leaf tea is more aromatic and strong when compared to the tea bags.
  • When you steep the tea bags the infusion is limited because of the size of the tea bags. Whereas the steeping of the loose leaf tea absorbs water and expand as they infuse. All the minerals, vitamins, aroma and flavours are extracted¬† from the leaf while infusing. Also, the caffeine levels vary between the tea bags and loose leaf tea.
  • The flavour of the tea bags cannot be the same always as the leaves are collected from all over the world and the production of leaf from one location may be more or less, making the blend of all the leaves different in proportion. But the loose leaf tea is usually taken from one single location, that too from one single estate providing the same taste consistently.
  • The range of flavours is very less when it comes to the standardized blends of the tea bags. On the other hand, the loose leaf tea has a wide range of flavours, aroma and appearance from year to year and from place to place.

After understanding the differences, you might want to switch over to loose leaf tea.

How to go about it?

First of all, understand your taste. You should know your favourite flavour and try looking for it locally in the loose tea shops or online. For instance, if you like black tea, you can definitely try black loose-leaf tea.

Next step is to select your way of brewing the tea. There are different ways of brewing tea and you can try simpler ways in the beginning and check how you like it. Slowly you can become experimental in your approach. After all, hit and try enhances your experience and helps you to find out your favourite flavor.

Once you settle with the loose leaf tea drinking, you can expand your horizons and try different flavours and from different suppliers. If you have only tried black tea till date, then you can think about trying flavoured tea leaves. The basic idea is to enjoy your tea drinking with so many varieties and from different parts of the world.

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