Bring Thrill in Your Routine with Trek Outings

Trekking near Bangalore

Trekking is a very interesting activity and people love it for its thrill and adventure. Many people feel that they cannot experience the thrill of trekking since they live in metro cities and there are no trekking trails. Well, if you are one of such fellows and are living in a city like Banglore then you have to shed your complaints.

Exactly, you can easily do Trekking near Bangalore that too without any issue. There are many trekking trails around your city that you will not have to go to other corners of the country to fulfil your trekking thirst. You can either make your own plans for trekking or if you want, you can become a part of a trekking group going to different trekking destinations.


Talking about Anthargange, it is one of the most popular thrilling destinations for trekking. It is situated just sixty eight kilometres from Bangalore. This hill of Anthargangeisfenced with a blanket of heavy forest at the base. But it doesn’t mean that there is forest only. As you step up the rock-speckled hill the greenery becomes diluter and is finally switched with some prickly bushes that adorn the top of hill. At this spot, the caves of the hill are a main fascination for the trekkers and nomads. The entire space is filled with trickytrail and beautiful scenes.

Karighatta Trek

It is apparent that trekking is the most amazing way to explore the lovely diversities of nature. To begin with your trekking adventure, you can go with Karighatta Trek. Among the most eminent trekking places near Bangalore is Karighatta. It is snuggled at a distance of just around ninety eight kilometres from Bangalore. Hills at this place are 2697 feet above sea level. The place also has a walk besidebeautiful Kaveri River. So, while you are enjoying the thrills of trekking, you can munch on the beautiful presence of Kaveri River. If you like capturing moments, don’t forget to carry your camera along. .

Ramadevara Betta

Ramadevara Betta is another celebrated and popular trekking destination near Banglore. It is around fifty kilometres away and people especially visit here for rappelling and rock climbing deeds. If you don’t really find delight and thrill in climbing, a walk up to the trail and then returning is an exhilarating option. Thesixty percent of hill gets through thick jungle packed with prickly plants like lantana. While you are going through the trek, you have to be extra careful otherwise the thorny and sharp bushes will slit your clothes and skin. All in all, the trek is going to be adventurous and fulfilling for the passionate travellers.

Kabbal durga night trek

This is just one day trek and folks love to go to this place fornight trek as well. The trek distance at this place is just two to three kilometres. The level here is easy to medium. The most exciting thing is that the trek is just 80 kilometres from Bangalore.


So, give your boring routine a setback with different trekking trips every month!

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