Booking Vacations Online vs. Through an Agent

Booking Vacations Online

Previously planning a holiday means calling a travel agent and providing him all the details to book hotels, activities, and tickets. Post the inception of the internet and booking online, it has now become a home practice for all the travellers to pick and choose the vacations themselves.

Nowadays if you’re planning to have a trip, you can yourself check the flight details and hotel details or the combo pack in which you get both the deals. Like, for example, if you want to do a hotel booking in Delhi for a particular date, you will not have to call an agent and ask him the cheapest flights and hotels. With a stable internet connection, you can sit at home and do all that by yourself and that too at a price which will definitely be cheaper than what your travel agent is going to offer.


If you book a vacation through an agent, he will try to convince you for the flights, hotel which offers him the maximum commission. On the other hand, if you do that by yourself, you can check ticket prices, hotel prices and can also compare them with various online portals and create a budgeted package for yourself sitting at home.


Travel agent fees range from 20-30% commission while in online any portal you see, you will find 20-30% discount offers and that too with added services. To have the best deals you can check multiple sites and apps and plan a vacation which suits your budget the best.  Like if you want to book a vacation for Delhi or nearby places, you can do hotel booking in Delhi along with cab for rentals and also guide for that matter online and have a great time with your family.


There’s a misconception among the travellers that if they book online they will not have an advocate who will fight for them in case of foul play while an agent serves as an advocate in times of adversity. Well, all online booking portal gives you a helpline number which is available 24*7 and if you any complaint or you feel, you are denied the services that you have been promised, you just have to call the customer care number and your issue is solved in minutes after you lodge a complaint.

Expert Insight:

A travel agent may be doing bookings of all the places but he himself might not be aware of every place that he has booked while online booking portals give you an expert insight not just about the property but also about the place that you have planned to visit. Even in the places where tourism is less developed, you will find all the required information on the internet and can easily book your holiday using online booking tools.

If you have planned a complex trip, these online hotel booking portals will be very helpful in that case as they have their proper set of networks.  There’s no denying the fact that online booking has changed the way people plan their holidays.

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